Three things to know about the disappointing outfield scenario for the Yankees with injured slugger Aaron Judge.

Judge’s floppy hip leaves a spot free in the Bombers’ lineup despite the Yankees not placing him on the injured list.

The New York Yankees’ outfield depth chart is still changing little over a month into the season, though perhaps not for the reasons they would like. Following Friday’s defeat by the Texas Rangers, the Yankees designated Franchy Cordero for assignment, opening the door for Jake Bauers’ conceivable promotion. These decisions were made as the Yankees awaited Aaron Judge’s hip MRI results. For their part, the Yankees are attempting to stay off the injured list.

In terms of left- and right-field productivity this season, New York was placed 27th as of Saturday. Giancarlo Stanton struggled before injuring his hamstring, and Harrison Bader’s own injury prompted Judge to play center field once more. With the help of Oswaldo Cabrera, Aaron Hicks, and the aforementioned Cordero, the Yankees attempted to generate some offense in the corners. It was a failure.

Where does the Yankees’ outfield stand after all this fumbling and battling? Let’s go over three things you should know about the scenario, including the excitement around Bauers’ approaching arrival and other choices the Yankees may have available to them should the need arise (internal and external).

1. Bauers has earned opportunity

We are aware of this. Based on his big-league past, Bauers doesn’t seem like he’s worth much of a look. He has hit to the tune of a 78 OPS+ in more over 300 games spread across three seasons (most recently 2021). You don’t want that from a corner player, who is best suited for defensive play.

Always be open to the idea that a player, especially one who was highly regarded during their prospect days, found something out. Bauers was never considered an outstanding prospect, but he made two appearances on Baseball America’s top-100 list, peaking at No. 45 before the 2018 season.

Although Bauers, 27, has done everything in his power to give himself this chance, he may ultimately prove to be unworthy of future consideration. He did, after all, bat.In 21 Triple-A games this season, the player has a 304/.448/.797 slash line, nine home runs, and more walks than strikeouts. His ball-tracking information was highly favorable as well. He had the highest barrel rate among Triple-A batters, which measures the proportion of batted balls that meet ideal launch-angle and exit-velocity characteristics. Additionally, he came in third place for average exit velocity (93.8 mph) and fifth place for batted ball percentage (55.1%) hit at 95 mph or higher.

Will any of that achievement carry over to the majors? The unknown. To be an improvement above New York’s present choices, Bauers need not transfer entirely.

2. Few other internal options

Due to a dearth of strong internal contenders to fill their roster positions, the Yankees depend on Bauers’ performance and Judge’s ability to stay on the field. It should be a good thing that Bader will be coming back soon. And after that?

Triple-D in New YorkPopular figures including Billy McKinney, Michael Hermosillo, and Estevan Florial are on the roster. Early in their careers, McKinney and Hermosillo were regarded as attractive options, but this year they have failed. Despite Florial’s above-average contributions thus far, Cordero was chosen by the Yankees in the spring. Then, Florial passed through waivers unclaimed, indicating that others may also have doubts about his performance.

Kole Calhoun, an experienced player, has signed a minor league contract with the Yankees. He has been working on his swing to maximize the remarkable exit velocities he has recently reported during the length of his stay with the club, where he has been assigned to one of their intricate affiliates.

For the record, Jasson Dominguez, a high talent, is not a viable option at this stage of his development. The 20-year-old continues to bat at Double-A.In 15 games this season, the line was 130.359.348.

That’s all there is to say about inside the company; what about outside?

3. External options about to shake loose

Although it’s too soon for the trade market to heat up, the Yankees may have a few fresh free-agent options to take into account in the coming days.

For big-league free agents who signed minor-league contracts over the winter, May 1 marks the second opportunity to opt out. You may have heard this group of players referred to as Article XX(B) free agents in the past. Ben Gamel, Billy Hamilton, Tyler Naquin, and Rafael Ortega are a few seasoned outfielders who, in theory, might leave their present teams if they are not added to the active roster. We consider Gamel and Naquin to be the most fascinating candidates.

Both players are in their early 30s and have enjoyed some successful major league seasons when they have been actively platooned. In each of the previous two years, Gamel has recorded an OPS against right-handers that is higher than.750. In contrast, Naquin has a career.794 OPS versus righties and even hit 18 home runs off of them in 2021. They won’t do anything to replace Stanton’s output, but they might be a step up from what Hicks and Cabrera have offered the Yankees this season.

The Yankees, meanwhile, are currently in need of whatever minor upgrades they can secure.