Vinicius Junior is yelled at and then sent off in a wild fight as Real Madrid is defeated by Valencia.

The game must be interrupted if the entire stadium is screaming “monkey,” according to manager Carlo Ancelotti after the game.

On Sunday in La Liga, Vinicius Junior and Real Madrid suffered a 1-0 defeat at Valencia, which was a significant victory for the hosts in their fight against relegation.

The Brazilian international’s dismissal and the most recent racial slurs directed at the 22-year-old star, though, tainted the game’s conclusion at Mestalla.

With only a few minutes left, Valencia had a 1-0 lead when an odd series of circumstances led to the throwing of a second ball onto the field to prevent Vinicius from having a chance to score. Moments later, the South American was subjected to racial abuse and refused to resume play. He even named his assailant in the stands as the situation became tense.

After the crowd was addressed and told to stop all racial yelling, the game resumed before another intermission during which the tense situation worsened.

As a result of Vinicius’ Real teammates getting involved and escalating the situation, Hugo Duro of Valencia, who had only been added as a substitute in the 90’+1 minute, physically fought Vinicius.

As cards flew late into extra time, referee Ricardo de Burgos failed to calm the late flashpoint and Vinicius was dismissed.

The UEFA 2022 Champions League victor also made fun of Valencia supporters by putting up two numbers to allude to their possible relegation to the second division of Spain.

Vinicius has received racial insults in a growing number of situations this season, including ones involving Real Madrid’s fierce rivals Atletico Madrid.

After the match against Valencia, Real’s head coach Carlo Ancelotti declared, “La Liga has a racism issue. “They are not allowed to call Vinicius a monkey. Stopping the game is necessary. The game must be stopped if the crowd as a whole is yelling “monkey.” I told the referee this.

The Italian continued, “We have been complaining about the same abuse all season, and nothing has changed. Now that the game won’t be stopped, a coach may have to think about benching a player. Something is wrong with the league if this is happening.

Ancelotti called for more action on Twitter after the game.

“Today has been a depressing day at Mestalla, when some supporters have displayed their ugliest selves. It’s time to quit babbling and start acting firmly. Both football and society must be free of racism. AVOID RACE ANYWHERE.

Following the game, Vinicius addressed the situation on Instagram and made a reference to the Spanish League’s own tagline.

“My expulsion was the reward for the racists. It’s La Liga, not football, they say.

Additionally, he tweeted.

“It wasn’t the first time, second time, or third time. In La Liga, racism is commonplace. The opposition supports it, the competition does as well, and the Federation agrees. So sorry again. Racists now control the league that formerly belonged to Messi, Ronaldinho, Cristiano, and Ronaldo. A stunning country that I adore and that welcomed me consented to project the stereotype of a racist society to the rest of the globe. I’m sorry for the Spanish people who disagree, but Brazil now views Spain as a racist nation. And regrettably, I have no excuses for anything that occurs each week. I concur. But I am a strong person, and I will fight racism until the bitter end. even though it is far away.

Valencia issued a statement following the game.

“Valencia CF desires to vehemently condemn any kind of epithet, assault, or prejudice in soccer.

“The Club regrets the incidents that took place during the La Liga Matchday 35 match versus Real Madrid and openly reiterates its stance against physical and verbal aggression in stadiums as part of its commitment to the ideals of respect and sport.

“Even though this is a one-off incident, insults directed towards any opponent’s player are inappropriate in football and go against Valencia CF’s core beliefs and identity. The Club is looking into what transpired and will use the harshest penalties. Valencia CF likewise demands the highest respect for its supporters and denounces any offense.

Valencia CF would like to thank the more than 46,000 fans for their assistance and support for the squad in the game this Sunday, May 21. Apart from these isolated events.