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Tomo Alpha comfortable and waterproof golf shoes: Tried

Tomo Alpha golf shoes are comfortable for wide feet, breathable, waterproof and fashion forward. Here are the ones I liked.


Picture this: You chip your way to the 18th hole after a string of bogeys. You stepped into an unexpected pool two hours earlier, and now your feet (and golf game) are paying the price. What was once an exciting endeavor — getting out on the course the day after a major storm — is now an experience you hope will end as quickly as possible.

Sound familiar? Foot pain, whether caused by wet conditions or not, is a common issue on the golf course. It's a game that requires a ton of walking. Personally, no matter how many golf shoes I've tried, I haven't found a real solution – until now.

San Diego company, Tomo Golf has created a golf shoe that is comfortable with wide feet, waterproof and fashion forward. It looks like a sneaker you'd find on the course, a trend that continues to grow with golfers across the US The Tomo Alpha shoe features a unique woven pattern, making it a breathable option for your feet. (I also liked the designs on the bottom of the soles.) The shoes are light, have a wide base and come with pillowy insoles, which make them comfortable even when you first put them on. No need to hack.

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Tomo Alpha


The next generation of our waterproof golf shoes. A single layer combined with FLEX technology in the insole and midsole for the lightest, most comfortable ride you'll ever have on the golf course.

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My second round at Alphas, it was a wet, beachy day on the golf course. My new shoes not only protected my feet from those wet conditions, but the dirt on them was surprisingly easy to clean up afterwards. Tomo suggests that I try cleaning the shoes using a wet cloth, but I even sprayed a stain remover on them, and it worked like a charm.

Tomo Alphas come in a combination of black, grey, white, blue and red. The brand also makes innovative ball markers, divot tools and towels. I couldn't resist the Koi Utility towel, which actually holds water in its “mouth” that you can soak irons and wedges in before wiping them off. I had never seen anything like this before, but I immediately fell in love with its practicality, like shoes.

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