Reviews Henty 26L Sports Backpack for Mountain Biking

Words and photos: Georgina von Marburg

The Henty brand hails from the rugged coast of Tasmania, and has recently been added to our Made in Australia range. While manufactured overseas, Henty products are designed, tested, and distributed here in Australia. The founders started with a smart travel solution for active corporate workers in the Wingman and CoPilot backpacks; but their passion for the great outdoors and mountain biking has seen them introduce other brands such as the unique Enduro Hydration pack, and the versatile 26L sports backpack here for testing.

One thing that always annoys me about running big events (and touring in general), is going back and forth between the parking lot and the event center. It's not something you immediately think of, but having a way to transport and store your valuables at the racetrack is very convenient. You're usually loaded with spares, tools, and maybe an extra helmet you want to have on hand. So I saw the 26L sports bag as a problem solver with its own cycling features and a proof-of-concept interior.


The 26L Sports backpack has endless features, a small brand that only releases products that they can use themselves. The most obvious are the flexible straps of the backpack, made of mesh and breathable materials. The upper harness is light and comfortable, while the lower harness is wider and thicker. And like all good backpacks, the harness can accommodate a hydration bladder.

There is a handle at the top of the bag, and a side when it is placed in a horizontal position. Unlike regular backpacks, this Sports Backpack is designed around a duffle bag for easy access—no more blindly reaching for the bottom of the abyss. But once you tighten the two outer straps, the bag can be used upside down as a backpack. It's the best of both worlds.

There are two large zipped compartments inside the bag, one with a weatherproof canvas-like lining. There's also a semi-padded laptop compartment on the back panel, and a mesh side panel for a water bottle. There is another outer pocket with a wide Velcro opening, with sharp edges to prevent the contents from falling out.

On the street

The Henty 26L Sports backpack became a true friend on the road. If I was traveling between the car or home and the event center, I could hide my roll of tools, spare clothes, snacks, and water inside the bag. Even a full helmet can fit if needed.

The most powerful feature was a separate room for wet clothes – no smelly plastic bags! I always forget to bring a spare bag for my wet or dirty clothes, so having a two-in-one makes this a no-brainer. After use, the interior of the sail was easily wiped clean and ready for its next adventure.

The harness itself is well made and comfortable. Henty didn't skimp on materials to keep the entire bag simple; the straps aren't the thick and stiff straps you'd find on a travel backpack, they're mesh and thin. But it was enough for short rides and held the bag in place even when riding on singletrack.

Our take

While I found an event-specific use for this bag, many will find the 26L Sports Backpack also serves as a useful travel bag, as was its original purpose. I haven't used much of the laptop, but I can foresee using this bag for various tasks in the future. Henty has really thought of everything, and although the two parts are not unique to the product, combining this with the tubular shape and features suitable for cyclists. Designed for Aussies, the Henty 26L will be a great addition to anyone's adventure.

Price: $189



  • Very good quality
  • Separate room for wet gear
  • A comfortable harness
  • Duffel bag opens

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