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WATCH: This slow-motion golf stunt will make your day



It's amazingly organized by Paloma Faith Only Love Can Hurt Like Thisslo-mo video of a golfer will entertain and move you.

This golfer finds himself in trouble in the trees but he is brave and moves forward.

He had the foresight to set up the camera to shoot, or at least we hope he did.

If you had a friend filming you there might be more cause for concern.

Rockets shoot off a tree and back into the camera during a golf comedy.

You are serious and we love you for it..

Critically speaking, the 3-wood was probably not the club's percent choice in this position. Usually this would be the time to pull out a 7 iron or the longest iron in your bag.

To get out of the trees most of the time it will be important to keep the ball very low so focusing on the forward shaft to direct the club at impact can be beneficial.

If your neighborhood has a set of trees that you find often or you're just an avid golfer, it's a good idea to settle for a basic rescue shot with the same club that you can use over and over again.

Fairway woods may not be suitable for this task given the likelihood of having a close set of woods or at least a cluster of trees that can be found by a well hit shot.

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