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NHL Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers, and Boston Bruins

Matvei Michkov heading to Philadelphia in the KHL is a possibility

Jonathan Bailey of Philly Hockey Now: Philadelphia Flyers prospect Matvei Michkov has two years left on his contract with SKA St. Petersburgh of the KHL. SKA chairman Alexander Medvedev said on MatchTV that Michkov may head to North America next season.

Medvedev said Michkov lost his father last year and being in Sochi and Moscow might be too difficult for him as everything reminds him of his father. Changing location may be easier for him. Medvedev is talking to the Flyers, and if they would let him go to Philadelphia, it could be out of the KHL if he is sent to the AHL.

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“Unlike the situation with Ivan Fedotov, we are in contact with Philadelphia. The management of the Flyers do not even hide their desire for Matvei to come to them and try his hand in the NHL,” continued Medvedev. “But if you go early, you need to have a provision in the contract, that if Philadelphia has the temptation to send him to the AHL, he has the right to return.”

Everyone should know by the end of June what the plans are for next season.

Could Leon Draisaitl consider the Boston Bruins if the Edmonton Oilers extension doesn't work out?

Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now: George Laraque said on 91.9 BPM Sports in Montreal that if Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl does not sign a contract extension with the Oilers, he may be interested in playing for the Boston Bruins.

“Someone well placed in the Oilers organization said that if the Oilers do not go deep into the playoffs, he does not see Draisaitl re-signing at the end of his contract and that he would like to be the starting center. in Boston.”

The Bruins don't have a lot of assets to land someone like Draisaitl. They can also cost a top player, but the money to stretch him.

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Sure it would be nice to add Draisaitl, but feel it's unlikely they can/give up assets to trade him and spend money to stretch him.

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