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4 Best MLS Stadiums – Ranked

The best MLS stadiums all have electric climates, high energy, and modern designs that make playing and watching soccer a fun, unforgettable experience.

Although MLS started with 10 teams in 1996, Major League Soccer now has 29 clubs in the United States and Canada, all with their own unique stadiums. Most of the new teams in the Western Conference have football-specific stadiums, while a few prominent clubs, such as the New England Revolution, must use an NFL stadium. Ranking the best of the current options can be a matter of opinion, but ultimately, some platforms are better than others.

Here is a breakdown of the 90 min Top MLS stadiums for the 2024 season.

Check out the four best MLS stadiums across the Eastern and Western Conferences.

4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium. / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Mercedes-Benz Stadium was built in 2017 and is home to the 2018 MLS Cup champions, Atlanta United. Across the league's 29 teams and stadiums, Mercedes-Benz is always electrifying, and briefly holds the MLS game attendance record thanks to its NFL-level capacity.

Unlike MLS stadiums that are built exclusively for soccer teams, Mercedes-Benz Stadium also hosts NFL and College Football games, making certain seats in the main stadium uncomfortable seats for watching football.

3. BMO Stadium

BMO Forum.BMO Forum.

BMO Forum. / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

BMO Stadium is one of the newest soccer-specific stadiums in MLS. Built exclusively for the viewing and playing of world-class soccer, the stadium offers a premier location for fans based in Los Angeles. Most importantly, however, the stadium has a grass playing field, which greatly reduces the chances of serious injuries that often occur on the pitch.

2. Providence Park

Providence Park.Providence Park.

Providence Park. / Craig Strobeck-USA TODAY Sports

Providence Park is a state-of-the-art MLS stadium located in Portland, Oregon. In all previous MLS Cup Championship games, the Portland Timbers' home field against NYCFC has been a sight to behold. Although the team lost on penalties that night, they will always remember how the crowd was grinding the entire game.

Like Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Providence Park unfortunately still has artificial turf. In fact, it is the only soccer-specific stadium in MLS without grass.

1. City Park

City Park.City Park.

City Park. / Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

The new MLS expansion team, St. Louis City SC, arguably has the most exclusive soccer stadium in MLS. CityPark, due for construction in 2022, is similar to many Premier League stadiums across England, and only gets better as the season progresses. According to Tom Timmermann of Louis Post-Dispatchthe club is installing new grass to keep the playing surface as clean as possible throughout the 2024 season.

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