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Cajuns show big heart to match big talent in gut-wrenching win at Troy • D1Baseball

Louisiana's Conor Higgs celebrates his career-best homer in Troy (Aaron FItt)


TROY, Ala. A small group would disappear.

After losing the first two games of a crucial Sun Belt series in Troy, Louisiana blew a 12-6 lead into the bottom of 12 on Sunday, only to watch the Trojans come back with six runs to tie the game on Will Butcher. grand slam.

It was time to check the guts of the Ragin' Cajuns. And it turns out, these Cajuns have serious guts, heart, chutzpah, cajones, or I don't say anything — choose any language you want, they got it.

“We are not stopping. We will not stop until then[…]

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