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Gervonta Davis by the Mile. Tank Rolls Inoue. In 135, Total Destruction

Gervonta 'Tank' Davis destroys Naoya Inoue when the two fight at 135 says coach Andre Rozier. He feels that 'Monster' Inoue (27-0, 24 KOs) is too small, and will be burned by Tank Davis at 135 or 130,

We saw earlier today just how vulnerable Inoue is as he was thrown hard to the canvas by Luis Nery in the first round of their head-to-head at the Tokyo Dome. That was against Nery, the fighter who was knocked out by Brandon Figueroa three years ago.

Rozier admits that Inoue, 31, and Tank Davis could make “crazy” money if the two fought. It wouldn't end well for the Japanese star to be kicked out with him.

Given that Inoue won't even make it to 126, where some of his biggest fights are at 122, it suggests that he's worried about what might happen to him if he's mixing with more talented opponents than smaller, full-ball fighters. super bantamweight division.

“He has no prayer in the world”

“Gervonta Davis by a mile. Tank rolls Inoue. At 135, it's complete destruction,” said trainer Andre Rozier speaking to Fighthype about who will win between Gervonta 'Tank' Davis and Naoya Inoue. “If Inoue can find himself in that spectrum of 135 lbs, Tank will take him out.'

If Inoue was an old-school fighter, he'd be willing to move up in weight to face Tank Davis at 130 or 135, but he hasn't shown any signs of wanting to leave the kiddie pool where he competes.

It's safe there for Inoue, and he doesn't have to worry about skilled opposition with the kind of pop in their punches that Tank Davis or other fighters have.

“He doesn't have a prayer in the world,” Rozier continued of Inoue. “If he gets to the shot, he will have to do so because he is not a big person. If he gets in the firing line, Tank will smoke him. That's what will happen.”

It wasn't just Nery who gave Inoue problems. 40-year-old Nonito Donaire hurt him badly and cracked his face with his big shots in their first fight. You can only imagine what the early version of Donaire would have done to Inoue.

“I'm dealing with the body, the skills of these men. Tank will smoke Inoue if he fights at 135, and maybe 130, but I don't like 130 for Tank. I like 135. Stay in your lane. Why do you go down when you know you're at 135?” Rozier said.

If someone can put a different head on Inoue's body, someone willing to take risks, it would be fun to see him fight Tank Davis at lightweight. The stakes will be huge in the face of boxing on the line.

Crazy Money On The Line

“It's crazy,” Rozier said of the money Tank Davis and Inoue could make fighting each other. “I still don't love him [Tank] to 130. I am not saying that I will favor him [Inoue] There. I just don't like the way it's organized.”

Inoue is already making money from boxing in Japan, so I guess he doesn't see the need to risk losing fights against top fighters to make more loot. He's already determined to live, but still, you'd like to see him take chances for his legacy.

“I don't like that weight loss when you go where you are not for a long time. Don't go back to that [scene of] that crime. If I won titles at 126, 130, and 135, why am I stepping down? Let's move forward,” Rozier said.

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