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Fury Claims Destiny, Despite Gaunt Appearance, Before Usyk Fight

A thin-looking Tyson Fury, sporting two sparklers in front of his eyes, said it was his “destiny” to beat Oleksandr Usyk to become the undefeated heavyweight champion on Saturday night in their first bout in Riyadh.

Fury's talk about destiny has a Kambosos-esque feel to it, and you have to wonder if he's headed in the same direction as that braggart.

Weight Loss Concerns

As always, Fury's confidence is through the roof, but he may be fighting a battle he can't win, especially since he seems confused about losing weight and apparently calorie restriction to lose weight fast.

Fury looks like someone who has been through two military booth camps after struggling to get through the first one and needs another weightlifter to complete the platoon.

He has been on a caloric restriction, subsisting on half a diet to lose weight, which could bite him in the rear on Saturday night when he takes on Usyk, who will be at full strength, bigger and stronger than ever.

Fury Claims Undisputed Status

In an interview today, Fury said he was still the undisputed champion, which he never was, but he said it anyway. He says he still holds the three belts he won from Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, even though he gave them up in 2016 due to many problems.

The truth is that Fury holds the WBC belt that he got from Deontay Wilder, and he is lucky to get this title if you see the third fight between them on the count. If anything, Fury should not give up the belt now because it is obvious that he would have lost the third fight with Wilder if the referee had counted quickly when he counted nine.

Destiny Narrative: A Kambosos-Esque Echo

“I believe that my destiny is to win on Saturday night and win all the belts,” said Tyson Fury on Boxing Social when he arrived today in Riyadh for his fight with Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday night.

“He's not a mug. I've prepared myself like I fought King Kong. All the belts I've had, I've never lost in the ring. That is true. They're all my belts anyway, and I believe you can only lose a belt if you're in the ring.

“In my opinion, when I beat Klitschko in 2015, I became the undefeated champion, I have not lost since then. Therefore, I cannot be contradicted. I can be beaten by someone who can't be resisted because that's who I am. I won the WBC from Wilder and won all the other belts [IBF, WBA & WBO] from Klitschko.

“Allow Saturday night to watch me be irresistible,” said Fury.

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