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Weekend 13 Recap – The Schoch Factor Podcast • D1Baseball

The Schoch Factor

In this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Stephen Schoch and Jake Mintz discuss the big series sweep that caught their attention in weekend 13. We're now in the most difficult part of the college baseball season, when every game feels like a total. years of work depending on. But, as we navigate these high-pressure games, be sure to stick with the guys and take a break and hear some of the lighter moments this week in college baseball!

01:51 ECU vs. Tulane: Amazing Sweep
03:21 Baseball Nostalgia on the radio
07:06 Highlighting 9-Hole Hitters
09:50 Clemson vs. Wake Forest: ACC Showdown
15:22 The Home Run King Debate: Technology and Records
19:38 Evolution of Baseball bats
22:44 Debates on Baseball Formats and Late Night Games
24:10 Service Academy Shouts: Army, Marines, and Air Force
25:43 Giblet Tickler of the Week: Corey Gloor's Commentary
28:12 The Art of Passing: Revenge Games in college baseball
29:50 Music Skills and National Anthem Times
32:11 Emotional Farewells and Standing Ovations
34:06 Oklahoma's Big 12 Victory and Inside-the-Park Grand Slam
41:04 Wrapping up with Easy Tips and Personal Stories

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