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Taylor and Catterall kept their emotions under wraps during their final press conference

JOSH TAYLOR and JACK CATTERALL kept themselves calm and composed at today's final press conference ahead of their rematch on Saturday at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.

The rematch, which has been going on for two years, is just a few days away. And while there was no verbal mudslinging or attempts at physical defense there was a tension that froze the room as they looked at each other.

After facing the cameras in traditional portraits these two very simple turned to look at each other. During the first weigh-in of the fight in Glasgow and at two press conferences a few weeks ago in Edinburgh and Manchester everything threatened to get out of control with hands being thrown and tempers flying. And although nothing of the sort happened today each of them seemed to be waiting, perhaps hoping that something would happen. The pot was boiling and the ingredients were bubbling but thankfully nothing was spilled.

In the past all sides have said their piece and remained civil and shared little that would cause anyone to bite.

“We both know what's in front of us,” Catterall said. “We have created blood for ourselves. We don't see eye to eye.

“I watched the first fight, I didn't rate it. I think I didn't do well, I think Josh did too. Expect a better fight on Saturday, emotions aside expect a better fight on Saturday.”

The Chorley 140-pounder is well aware of how big a moment this is in his career but refuses to think about what could remain in a division full of talent.

“You have a good team at 140 [but] what I'm thinking about is Saturday.”

Their highly-anticipated first fight went the distance but this time Catterll, 28-1 (13 KOs), is tipped to win in 12 rounds. “I can take him out [on] Saturday.”

Taylor, meanwhile, aims to put a slew of inactions and disappointing results and performances behind him when he steps into the ring on Saturday night. The Scot has reached the pinnacle of the sport becoming the undisputed champion at 140lbs but since defeating Jose Carlos Ramirez in May 2021 he has fought just twice – a split decision win against Catteral in February 2022 and a June 2023 decision loss to Teofimo. Lopez.

“It's another week of fighting, another battle,” Taylor said in today's paper.

“I'm looking forward to putting all this to bed and proving it [the first fight] it was night.”

Others wrote that Taylor, 19-1 (13 KOs), was out because of his time out of the ring and the shows against Catterll and Lopez. Catterall's coach Jamie Moore dismissed that idea while Taylor used another fight to prove that one loss is not the end of the road.

“Look at the history of boxing. All the great fighters of the past are back and winning world titles. Things like the UFC… guys have 20 fights and 10 losses, which is still at the top of the game. I still feel at a high level and the win means I'm back in business to get my titles back.”

In response to Catterll's prediction to stop, Taylor replied: “Let him think about that.” If he wants to do that [then] big. I don't care how I win, point or be stopped badly. The way I did in the gym, if I catch him with the shots I've been throwing, it will hurt me a lot.”

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