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Gary Antoine Russell Loves Devin Haney More Than Sandor Martin

Gary Antoine Russell picks WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney for a successful defense against Sandor Martin which is mandatory if that fight goes ahead.

Russell feels that Martin, 30, is the type to try to steal rounds by fighting hard in the last thirty seconds rather than fighting. That won't work against Haney, but we don't know if he can handle Sandor's power.

Ryan Garcia had Haney on the canvas six times last April and should have won the fight in the seventh round in the eyes of many fans. If Haney's ability to land a solid shot has diminished in that fight, Sandor will knock him out.

That is why Haney and his promoters must think carefully before they decide to defend themselves against Sandor.

Haney's obligation is to face Martin (42-3, 15 KOs), and the only way he can retain his WBC title is if he defends again, unless he wants to unseat the Spaniard.

The World Boxing Council allowed Haney to retain his WBC title despite his loss to Ryan Garcia on April 20. It's a bad look for the WBC organization to let Haney keep his belt, and it makes Devin look like a fake champion, but he won't relinquish the belt.

Russell's analysis of Haney vs. Martin

“When they were going to fight, I found Devin beating Sandor [Martin],” said Gary Antuanne Russell at Fighthype, picking Devin Haney to win his WBC title against Sandor Martin.

“Sandor doesn't have the things that Devin has. He's jittery and stuff, but Devin has more swag than Sandor. Sandor tries to hit you and get out of there as fast as possible. Put the rounds in the bank as fast as you can, and get out quickly.”

It will be difficult for Sandor to beat Haney because he doesn't have much power, and he will be trying to box him out. That won't work. If you're Sandor, you'd be better off focusing on trying to get hit.

“He's the type of person who will come in the last 30 seconds. He will conduct the meeting and continue to run with his fists and move quickly. So the judges said, 'Well, you won the last 30 points. 10-8.'” Russell said of Martin.

“I found the solution, I'm telling you,” said Antuanne Russell when asked what happened to Haney when he fought him. I'm like a cheat code, almost. I've faced the likes of Devin Haney.”

It is doubtful if Russell will ever get the chance to fight Haney as he may move up to 147 during his WBC obligation.

“I have fought strong fighters who rely on their own strength, and I have fought long and difficult battles. Most of my fights were against tall and aggressive opponents. So, it wouldn't be out of character,” Russell said of fighting Haney.

“I'm going to have to be very laser-focused and do productive and important things in terms of making changes because I know they're going to bring their best physically, and they're going to go in there in a situation to win,” Russell said.

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