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Late Release May Limit Work to Several Additional Years

Written by Alberto Amalfi | @Itenisi_Manje | Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A chronic back problem it has hurt Paula Badosa and it can cause a premature end to his competitive career.

The former world No. 2 Badosa and tell The WTA Insider Podcast by Courtney Nguyen he receives cortisone injections for pain in his back.

Although cortisone can help relieve back pain in the short term, doctors have told Badosa that he may have “a few years left” in his career due to his spinal condition.

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“In Indian Wells, the doctors told me that it will be very difficult to continue my career,” said Badosa WTA Inside Courtney Nguyen. “They said this is the only way we can give you and you'll probably have to keep doing that if you want to play for a few more years.

“I said, 'A few more years? I'm still 26.' For me, that has been the hardest so far, the injections work.

A back pain caused Badosa to withdraw from three different tournaments this season, in Dubai, Thailand and last week in Stuttgart where she lost to world number 2 Aryna Sabalenka, 3-3 in the final set, when she pulled the plug.

The 2021 Indian Wells champion said dealing with a back injury and ongoing concerns that it could end her career is a scary situation.

“This is like opening for the first time, so I'm still very scared,” said Badosa. “They said this may work for a few months but we will have to check again, so I am afraid I will have to stop again.

“I'm always chasing this, I wake up every morning and the pain is there and sometimes I couldn't deal with it, but now I can. At least that's the good thing.”

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