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Ben Whittaker open to boxing in Saudi Arabia “soon”

BEN WHITTAKER could be the latest name to join the growing list of potential boxers in Saudi Arabia.

Turki Alalshikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia, is believed to be a fan of the British light-heavyweight. Boxxer, who currently promotes Whittaker, is not involved in the boom in boxing in the Middle East that has seen the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder fight there in recent months.

Whittaker will return to the ring on June 15 when he will face Nigerian Ezra Arenyeka. Their 10-round bout will take place away at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC, on the main card of the WBO cruiserweight title fight between Chris Billam-Smith and Richard Riakporhe.

At a press conference yesterday, Debate News asked Whittaker if we could see him fight in Saudi Arabia one day.

“100 percent,” he cheered.

“I think that's where boxing for the big players is going now. Again [with] big fist you have to say my name. I only have seven fights but I bring a lot of razzmatazz. That is what people want to see especially in Saudi. [It’s] something we can definitely see in the near future but for now [I’ve] I have to focus on what's next.”

Next up is a challenge against your undefeated 175lb partner who is loud, bold, in your face and confident. During a press conference for Whittaker's last fight – against Leon Willings – Arenyeka interrupted the proceedings, calling out “Surgeon” as he tried to find a name for himself. Now he has a chance to cause one of the biggest controversies of the year. So, why did Whittaker agree to fight?

“I [WBA Gold] the belt is there. It came with him, and I said, 'Why not.' He went to the press conference, he saw his chance. I will show why he should not do that again.”

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