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In a recent interview, hockey analysts Nick Kypreos and Justin Bourne discussed Joseph Woll's important role in the Toronto Maple Leafs postseason. Their discussion focused on the huge impact of Woll's performance in Game 5, which played a key role in extending the Maple Leafs' season. This sparked a debate over whether Maple Leafs management made a mistake by not starting him in Game 1 against the Boston Bruins.

After Ilya Samsonov's consistency all season — sometimes downright low and then the kind of turnaround that usually only happens in the movies — he was the starter in Game 1 of the postseason against the Bruins in Boston. He lost Game 1 but then won Game 2 on the road. However, after losing two games at home to Toronto with Auston Matthews out of the lineup, the Maple Leafs coaching staff changed their thinking. They named Woll the starter in a must-win Game 5 in Boston, and he delivered with a dominant performance.

Kyper and Bourne Ask the Tough Question About Goalkeeper Selection

So, Kyper and Bourne asked a tough question about the team's decision-making: “Where was Woll in the picture for the Maple Leafs, especially in the last ten games or so of the season when he was coming back from injury?” The three commentators then came to a consensus and it seemed that Woll should have been considered a legitimate first choice from the start of the series. Watching Woll's performance in Game 5 led to their belief that if he had been the starter, the Maple Leafs would not have faced a 3-1 series deficit going into that game.

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It was noted that Woll had some struggles after the injury, but this was not fatal. Three hockey analysts subsequently suggested that a higher priority should have been placed on returning him to his pre-injury condition, insisting that a fully healthy Woll would have given more to the team than Samsonov. They pointed out that even during the playoffs, there seemed to be a plan that seemed to include Woll in the goalkeeper's job. Looking at some of the games he was assigned to in March, it showed that the management has confidence in his abilities.

So, what happened?

Is There Enough Time For The Leafs To Turn In Their Postseason?

The conversation then turns to whether there is enough time left in the playoffs for Woll to fix the Maple Leafs' postseason run. This involves putting together a team vision with key players who can't get along. This includes William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and the efficient Woll, alongside contributions from depth players such as Matthew Knies, Max Domi, Tyler Bertuzzi, and others.

Joseph Woll, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Irvin / Hockey Writers)

The team has shown that it has the ability to compete. Tuesday night's game was an indication of the cohesive and powerful team the Maple Leafs aspire to be – a guarantee to many, including analysts, that the team can win.

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Finally, the conversation touched on Samsonov's future. What will his journey and role be going forward? While acknowledging his toughness and ability to secure an NHL contract as an excellent backup goaltender, it was clear in the interview that when it comes to crunch time, Woll may be the preferred option to lead the Maple Leafs in net.

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What does this mean for Samsonov's future in this organization after his contract expires this season is a question that will be answered later. For now, the focus is on winning Game 6 tonight, and, if possible, the first-round series.

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