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Golf Business News – Hoddle is on the verge of opening improved kitchens in Northamptonshire County

Northamptonshire County Golf Club, a Top 100 Course and Open Regional Qualifying venue, has completed a major kitchen refurbishment which will ensure the continued production of high quality, environmentally friendly food while improving the working environment for kitchen staff.

Costing £200,000, the kitchen area, which was officially reopened earlier this month by England international footballer Glen Hoddle, has seen a complete refurbishment, with the installation of a new extraction system, smart ovens, a cold room, and new work tops. , sinks, and storage solutions, creating more space and easy access to all cooking stations.

The all-electric kitchen will serve to reduce energy consumption and the club's environmental impact in the years to come. More climate action plans are planned for this year as part of an ongoing plan to reduce reliance on expensive existing energy sources.

Rob Griffiths, Northamptonshire County General Manager, commented: “The difference it is already making is amazing. We have created a work-friendly environment with more space, storage, and easy-to-clean surfaces and a quiet extraction system that saves energy and provides the best environment for workers in the kitchen.

“To be able to reduce our impact on the environment and manage the use of energy properly should be the way forward and this is the first step in a series of plans planned for the future.”

In partnership with local company, Midlands Catering Projects, who sourced all of these plans and installed, the seven-week project also saw a complete renovation of the walls and ceiling as well as the ceiling, creating a light, airy workspace. 3S Northampton completed a full electrical overhaul and worked seamlessly with the MCP.

The newly renovated kitchen is now ready to accommodate the influx of players and guests expected when the Open Regional Qualifying takes place on the course in June.

Northamptonshire County Golf Club's clubhouse has benefited from a major kitchen refurbishment

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