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Miami Heat offseason primer: Looking for a star again?

The good thing is that all the needle suppliers in this group are locked up for the next season. Butler ($48,798,677), Adebayo ($34,848,340), Tyler Herro ($29,000,000), Terry Rozier ($24,924,126) and Duncan Robinson ($19,406,000) are all tied up for next year, and rookie scale contracts Nikola Jovic again Jaime Jaquez you still have plenty of time left to run.

There are, of course, some moving parts to the bench. Free agency has to be disrupted, to avoid having too much leverage at once, so it's inevitable that some rotation pieces will come into the new year. As for, Kevin Love, Josh Richardson, Thomas Bryant again Caleb Martin they all have options for players now they have seven weeks to decide, while the most important Haywood Highsmith directions to the free unlimited company for the first time.

The bad news is the rising cost of it all. The Heat have never been very bold when it comes to luxury tax payments, and while it's admirable that this hasn't deterred their recent spending and Lillard-shaped ambitions, the lack of significant salary expiring this season means they're destined to be taxpayers. once again. For a team in eighth place, as they have been this season, that becomes difficult to stop.

If another player comes along who pulls the needle, the cost of his salary will not be an issue. Trouble may start if they don't. As it is, things are getting expensive.

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