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MLBTR Podcast Mailbag: José Abreu Dropped, Top Position Legend, Erick Fedde's Trade Value & More

The latest episode of the MLB Trade Rumors Podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts! Be sure to subscribe too! You can also use the player at this link to listen, if you don't use Spotify or Apple for podcasts.

This week, host Darragh McDonald is joined by Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors to discuss…

  • José Abreu agreeing to be elected by The Astros (2:50)
  • Upcoming knee surgery for Mike Trout of Angels (5:05)

Plus, we answer your questions, including…

  • Given that surplus can quickly disappear due to injuries, will teams be reluctant to trade from positions of limited strength? (6:50)
  • When will it be Jackson Jobe of Tigers or Little Caminero of Radiation to be called? (14:30)
  • Is it true that White Sox can't pick more than ten in next year's draft? (18:20)
  • What is the current status of Tommy John surgery and the longevity of pitchers after going under the knife? (22:00)
  • When can a team trade a newly signed free agent? (28:50)
  • If Erick Fedde continues to throw well, what kind of return can White Sox get to him in the limited time? (30:50)

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The podcast's intro and outro track “So Long” is provided courtesy of the band Showoff. Check out their Facebook page here!

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