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NHL Rumors: Rod Brind'Amour Not Worried, But …

Walt Ruff: Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind'Amour on all the talk about his contract situation in the last 24-48 hours: “I had a great conversation yesterday with Don and again this morning. I feel very happy that we will clear it up soon. I'm not worried.”

TSN: Darren Dreger on TSN 1050 radio yesterday about what happened in Carolina with head coach Rod Brind'Amour and the status of his contract.

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Jeff O'Neill: “So Dregs, you had a report from Carolina. What is that about? Like, what, where does that leave everything down there? Just like, this is, I don't know, I just, I explained what was going on down there. What happened?”

NHL Rumors: Coaching – New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins, and San Jose Sharks

Dreger: “What was happening was that there were healthy discussions about a contract extension with Rod Brind'amour, including the assistant coaches and staff.

And I think Brind'Amour and company felt like he knew, from the week, 10 days ago, that they were there. They were closing in on the expansion. And then it's my understanding that General Manager Don Waddell, who was quoted on the Daily Faceoff episode, which I'm interested in, and he said they feel like they're close. It was, you know, 10 days ago, and then Waddell was taken out of the equation and I believe Tom Dundon took over and said, okay, we're not doing this and we're not doing that. And successfully, Brind'Amour's gift was taken off the table.

Now, can it change with a phone call or a face-to-face conversation? Of course it was possible. We know that Rod Brind'Amour prefers to stay in Carolina. But I'm not reporting what I've reported before without knowing that Rod Brind'Amour is willing to become a free agent and see what the market brings.

His focus right now is on winning the Stanley Cup. Who will question the possibility of the Carolina Hurricanes and the way that team is going, going into the second round? It doesn't make any sense to anyone who has reached out to me since I reported that, in the way of the ownership of the Carolina Hurricanes and why they are doing this to bring in more.

I mean, this guy, and deep down, he was, for the last six years he's been part of what the league average is among NHL head coaches in terms of pay. And the extension I believe they were working on would have put him just outside the top 10 of paid NHL head coaches in the National Hockey League.

Does that make sense to any of you guys? It doesn't make sense to me.”

Brian Hayes: “Oh no. It is not played. I mean, that's really beneficial. What you are saying is that Rod Brind'amour still wants to give a discount to his hometown because he wants to live there.”

Dreger: “He wants to stay but he is willing to leave.” You are.”

NHL Rumors: Offer to Rod Brind'Amour or Not … That's the question

Hayes: “Yeah, yeah. Well, listen, if he does that, what kind of job are we talking about? You know, how many teams in the league are focused on Rod Brind'Amour.”

Everyone. Everything. Everything. It also includes teams with head coaches who are still in the play-offs, who may not be able to stay in the play-offs for a long time.”

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