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Ryan Garcia's PED: George Kambosos Jr. He calls it “Dog Law”

Aussie boxer George Kambosos Jr. was highly critical of Ryan Garcia after hearing about his positive PED test for his fight with Devin Haney on April 20.

According to Dan Rafael, Garcia tested positive for Ostarine in two of his urine tests on April 19 and April 20. He says Ryan also tested positive for Norandrosterone on the 19th, but that one is still being tested.

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We still don't know if Ryan was using a nutrient that contained those substances.

On social media, Ryan appeared to suggest the cause of his good test came from a nutritional supplement, and he even sang about it and thanked it for helping him beat Haney.

Ryan's body wasn't like someone who uses PEDs, so we'll have to wait and see what the reason for his two tests was.

What Garcia was tested for

“Just seeing what he was actually tested for. If this is true for what he tested positive for then especially this thing by coming to three kilos heavier from using all the profit, especially the profit of cheating, looks bad. It's the act of a dog,” said George Kambosos Jr. to Sean Zittel, reacting to Ryan Garcia testing positive for two PEDs for his fight with Devin Haney on April 20.

Kambosos is going a little further with his “dog action” comment because Ryan's test has not been officially stopped, and we don't know if it was caused by the substance he was taking. Fans on social media do not believe that Ryan would knowingly take a PED, especially when it comes to identification.

“I feel sorry for Devin Haney because he went through hell in that three-punch fight and still ended the fight on his feet,” Kambosos said.

Kambosos did not say that the fight should have been stopped in the seventh round when Ryan knocked Haney down four times, but was given credit for just one by the referee, who had a bad night.

Usually, if there are four knockdowns in the same round, the fight is stopped. This referee stopped it and could not count the number of times Haney was sent off. Ryan looked impressed compared to how Kambosos performed in his two fights against Haney.

That must have been a bitter pill for Kambosos to swallow as he watched Ryan dominate the twice trained fighter.

“I am a hero. I'm always ready for anything in that ring, do or die. When you start playing games when you come hard, you did that,” Kambosos said of Ryan. “Devin usually has the advantage as a big guy, but Ryan tried to twist them to do the same thing to make him bigger.'

Given Haney's history of being bigger than his opponents, it's no big deal that Ryan tried to be bigger than him. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

“It's a crime”

“But when you start adding cheating and improvisation, it doesn't look good for sports,” Kambosos said. But as a hero risking his life, that is a crime. Haney has a good team, and I'm sure his next move will be legit and attack back at Ryan because it's a bad move. Now, you have the cheating part. Bad move, despicable move.”

There is nothing official yet about Ryan's test, so we can't say that he was cheating, and he used this to get an edge.

“It shows he's a hero,” Kambosos said of Haney. “He was able to pull three times, and it was still a close fight.”

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