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Golf Business News – Redexim Laser Grader takes Golf Course Management Services to the next level

There is no denying that with over 20 years of greenskeeping experience under his belt, James Camfield is well placed to deliver the consultancy services offered by Golf Course Management Services Ltd.

Now, with a Redexim Laser Grader in its fleet, it has the right tool to deliver the practical accuracy and first-class finish required for fine turf restoration and beyond as the Hertfordshire-based outfit looks to the future with excitement.

Offering an alternative to traditional consulting, James Camfield established Golf Course Management Services in January 2021 to provide ongoing guidance and support at each or every stage of a maintenance, renovation or construction project.

Although it is still early days, James has already built a team of three with extensive experience and has undertaken many prestigious golf course projects including the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club – where the flow and maintenance of two boxes began with the purchase of a Laser Grader 1500 from Redexim.

James explains, “I pride myself on working collaboratively and in an efficient and cost-effective manner for the client. This means that our customers will often buy building materials and equipment for large projects but there are certain jobs that require something specific if we are to achieve that perfect result. Level tees are one of those examples, where a line of string and a rake will only get you so far. I had seen a Laser Grader myself, I knew Redexim was a quality product and I had no doubt that this would be the perfect solution. I was not disappointed!”

As the name suggests, the Redexim Laser-Grader 1500 uses a laser receiver to precisely control the working depth and marks to produce the perfect grade for the next phase of any turfing project. The 1.5m working width of the Laser Grader is ideal for use on smaller machines and other fine turf areas and is available with an integrated or motorless engine – the model James chose, enabling the team to draw power from their Kubota compact tractor for the right power to weight ratio.

“We received fantastic support from Paul Thomas and Paul Langford at Redexim, and David Fisher at George Browns Ltd at every stage of the purchase and together it gave us the confidence to invest. We were very impressed; the build quality is amazing and it's straight forward to set up and use. ” He continues, “We started working on a few types of tests – we planned for a 1% drop, then we exhaled and it turned out to be obvious!

“It's accurate, it works and most importantly it's flexible. Alongside the golf course, we also receive inquiries about the work of cricket wickets and tennis courts which I believe is a testament to the results we have already delivered with the Laser Grader and leaves us excited about the new doors this machine can open for us. ”

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