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NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes Reenter Extension Talks With Rod Brind'Amour

TSN: Darren Dreger and Jay Onrait talk about Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind'Amour and how contract extension talks have resumed after a hiatus.

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Onrait: “Okay, let's go back to the tweet we talked about briefly. Dregs posted this tweet earlier this week regarding Brind'Amour's future as the Carolina coach is on the …

This is very interesting to me. This is a guy that gamers love to play. But Carolina owner Tom Dundon does things very differently.

Is there an update on this situation as it stands. Brind'amour, will you stay in Carolina or move on?”

Dreger: “No, I think Rod Brind'Amour will stay in Carolina. But no different than some of the high-profile negotiations you've had with your contract here at TSN, things can go wrong with a phone call or promotion.

So I sent a tweet and acknowledged the fact that this discussion is indeed suspended. It was going nowhere. And basically, the ownership of the Carolina Hurricanes as I tweeted, take the offer off the table.

Well, that goes to the public, and there is a backlash surrounding Hurricanes fans. I would appreciate that. There is interest from teams looking for coaches and teams still in the playoffs who may be considering a coaching change or are surprised.

What do I mean if Rod Brind'Amour is available on the open market?

Onrait: “Well, there's a lot of talk about Seattle, right? And Ron France and that connection. “

Dreger: “Toronto, I mean, it's going down the list of possibilities here. So, smartly, smartly, Carolina decided that okay, we're not going to settle the bear here and they're engaged and I don't think Rod's going anywhere but they still have to work some things out. “

Onrait: “It's fair to say. And I think if you're a Canes fan, that's music to your ears for sure.

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