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Successfully Wild Episode 2159: The Bees and the Birds

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley chime in on Meg's unexpected experience at the Diamondbacks game that delayed the bees, Shota Imanaga's hot start, Reed Garrett and pop-up relievers, Steven Kwan to inform, how Mike Trout and Bryce Harper's work will be remembered, José. Abreu is picked in the minors, and the fines declined in baseball, along with follow-ups about fun facts, promotions/demotions, and other ways to say “Maddux team.”

Introduction to audio: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio Outro: El Warren, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to fitness club information
Link to Bee Guy article 1
Link to Bee Guy article 2
Link to Bee Guy article 3
Link to the bee delay announcement
Link to the Bee Guy ovation
Connect with Bee Guy on the scoreboard
Connect to the Bee Guy card
Connect with Bailey Imanaga on Twitter
Link to Meg's preseason predictions
Link Clemens to Garrett
Link to Kwan's Savant page
Link to a story about the power of the Guardians
Link to Ben on Arraez
Link to MLBTR on Trout's injury
Link to EW on Trout/Griffey
Liaise with MPI leaders for B-Ref activities
Link to MLBTR for Abreu
Link to the story of the Shieldt game
Connect to Tango on Shieldt
Link to William's fun facts
Link to the NOBLETIGER reddit post
Link to the County Championship wiki
Link to Audubon story 1
Link to the Audubon story 2
Connect to ballpark meeting forms
Link to the meeting planner form

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