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After 2 of the worst Tour photos you will ever see, the true beauty of golf is revealed

Matt Wallace on Friday at the 9th hole at TPC Craig Ranch.

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Jack Nicklaus, 18-time winner, was talking about shanks.

He even gave a correction about one, too.

The topic came up last month, at the Masters, after Nicklaus took part in the opening ceremony footage at Augusta National, where he was told by a reporter that YouTube had allowed a young audience to relive his early life – and footage that everyone seemed to want to share. . remove from history. The reporter said:

“I saw the gun you shot on 12 in '67, the side shank . . .”

But Nicklaus cut him off, and he laughed.

“'64. It was an 8-iron, and I almost killed Bob Jones and Cliff Roberts. They shook their heads in the last round.”

The conversation continued.

“I don't think you've taken too many pictures in your career.”

“Not too many, but I hit one or two,” Nicklaus said. “That was one thing. Jones and Roberts came down to watch us on the 12th hole. Their cart was ahead of here, about 20, 25 yards to the right, and I put it over their head with an 8 iron. I almost did three.”

“What did you do when you hit those types of guns, rare as they were, to strengthen them…”

“Go play the next one,” said Nicklaus. “What can you do? You know, he hits you. You have to go and chase it. There is nothing you can do. It's a little embarrassing. I always – I use that as one of golf's most embarrassing moments. “

The point of sharing this? A few reasons. Knowing that Jack Nicklaus' shanks can be comforting; yours shanks doesn't seem like 'your problem.' But there is something more warming about Nicklaus' thoughts. Maybe that's why you play this wonderful but sometimes strange game.

You called it. You have to chase it.

Good. Or it's bad.

Brooks Koepka

The brutal honesty from Brooks Koepka (and other pros) is an amazing insight. Here is the reason


Sean Zak

Something romantic about that. Move on to the next one, because there's always another one.

With that, there was Matt Wallace late Friday afternoon, a stroke from the top of Byron Nelson. He was playing his second shot at TPC Craig Ranch's par-5 9th, his final hole after starting on the back nine. He was 242 outside, albeit at risk, as his ball landed to the left of the fairway and some grass. He went with a 2-iron.

His ball traveled about 15 feet off the ground.

A up.

“Oh no,” said Golf Channel announcer Terry Gannon.

“Oh my God,” said Golf Channel analyst Arron Oberholser.

“Pros are people, too,” said Golf Channel analyst Johnson Wagner.

Wallace looked down. It came at the wrong time. It came to the wrong place. His ball went into the penalty area just ahead of him. There was water there.

“When I woke up there [to his second shot], and I was like, oh, no problem,” Wallace said afterward. “But I haven't hit hard clay in a while, so I got it back with a 2-iron. I thought the 2-iron was a game to step it up a bit more than the 4-iron and left. Two bells were draining, from what I thought.

“But it got caught on the way back, and when I passed, I didn't want to lean on it so I just tried to pick it up and picked it up a lot and highlighted it.”

Only Wallace got his ball. He shot on the green. He hit the green. He made his estimate. He will be a competitor on Saturday.

“I'm laughing now,” Wallace said, “because I was able to get it and hit the green and two-putt.”

He asked a reporter on the site: “How about a minute and a half or two minutes if you…”

“Well, I was hoping they'd get it,” Wallace said. “so I would try to do at least five that way. Otherwise, two scenarios crossed my mind. Okay, where can I drop this to get it green? Then obviously I got it, so as soon as I got it, I was like, well, you got lucky there so take advantage of it.

“So unfortunately I went down a bit, I think I got away with that one, I was lucky there, I'm very happy with the five. And we go. We continue.”

We continue.

With that, there was Jason Day later on Friday afternoon. The defending champion in the event, was on par on the par-5 18th, where he teed off. Then long, in the water short of the green. It was obvious that he tried to control himself, but his ball went in.



Lies on the flyer?

A windstorm?

It's hard to say. It was something. The Golf Channel gang has some names.

Said Wagner: “I don't care if it bounces – that ball shouldn't be anywhere near the penalty area.”

Said Gannon: “That was unusual.”

Analyst Colt Knost said: “There's no reason for that.”

But things got worse. The day has fallen. He took his penalty. He was hitting a four, it hit the green, and it bounced back. That 34 footer was par now.

Only he did that.

He will have the opportunity to defend his title from Saturday.

Gannon yelled at the putt: “What? You won!”

Said Wagner: “I don't know how I feel right now.”

Unsurprisingly, on the 18th green, Day grinned.

Golf is funny like that.

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