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Canelo Vs. Munguia Live on DAZN and Headline Video May 4 in Las Vegas

On May 4th, experience 12 exciting rounds of the Mexican fight live on DAZN and Prime Video from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Witness Canelo Álvarez, the WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO Super Middleweight champion, as he puts his titles on the line against the tough and undefeated Jaime Munguia.

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Munguia's fans will enjoy this fight, as he has been looking to fight Canelo since he started training 11 years ago. Some fans who wanted to see Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) take on the tough guys, David Benavidez or David Morrell Jr., will be disappointed by this news.

These are the fights they wanted to see from Canelo, not Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs), who will be a big slugger with a chance to win. Munguia is an improvement over Canelo's last opponent, Jermell Charlo, but not by much. Munguia will at least try to win, but it's going to be hopeless unless Canelo gets old overnight.

It will be interesting to see how the structure goes between the two, with press conferences requiring a translator for Munguia. Canelo speaks broken English, but it's unclear if he can speak well enough to create a buzz for this fight.

Munguia was the guy Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) wanted on May 4th, reportedly believing that this was a fight that would help them more financially on Amazon Prime PPV than Canelo's first choice, Jermall Charlo.

Munguia is a money-making fight, but it won't be the fights of Canelo's first two fights with Gennadiy Golovkin or his fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto. Munguia will impress enough fans to keep the PBC happy.

The fight is a sure win for Canelo in my opinion.

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Canelo Munguia Boxing Odds

Canelo Alvarez enters the ring as a heavy favorite at 550, while Jaime Munguia plays the underdog with +375 hopes.

Will the War Go the Distance?
The wise guys said “Yes” to a 180, betting that the two would dance long enough to hear the final bell. If you like chaos and think they'll run out of steam before then, “No” will get you a little better at +150.

Live Battle Result – Place Your Bets!
If you're feeling clairvoyant, the original betting results are where you can really show off. Looking for a KO? That sits at a tempting 17/4. A TKO is more likely at 11/5, or if you're out on a limb, a DQ is a long shot at 40/1. And for those who like a good, old-fashioned unanimous decision, it's money at 1/1.

How Will They Win?
Jaime Munguia winning by KO is a longshot at 25/1, which makes sense when you think about it – knocking Canelo out would be like trying to punch a hole in a bank vault. If you think he can win by unanimous decision, that's a reasonable 11/1.

Canelo winning by KO is priced at 5/1, or if you prefer a technical knockout, at 11/4. A unanimous decision in Canelo's favor is a safe bet at 6/5. Feeling funny? Canelo's split decision will bring you a good 19/2.

Round Betting – Clear
If you're the type to predict not just who will win but when, swing betting is your playground. Canelo knocking out Munguia in the first round is a wild 66/1, with the odds getting shorter as the rounds go on. For Munguia, managing a KO in the early rounds is almost like getting a cool chap in the closing stages, with a 100/1 chance in the first few rounds.

Group Betting – Broad Strokes
Expand your horizons with team betting. Will Canelo finish it between rounds 1 and 2? That's 28/1. Munguia making a miracle happen between rounds 1 and 2 is at a whopping 50/1.

Knockdown Props – Taking the Fall
Will both fighters taste the canvas? Yes at +1000, because why not sprinkle in some drama? If you think only one will get to cover the mat, it's 120 either way.

Odds courtesy of BetOnline ( Twitter (X): @BetOnline_ag).

YouTube videoYouTube video

Canelo vs. Munguia fight card:

  • Canelo Alvarez: 168.6 lbs | 76.5 kg vs. Jaime Munguia: 167.4 lbs | 75.9 kg
  • Mario Barrios: 146.6 lbs | 66.5 kg vs. Fabian Maidana: 146.2 lbs | 66.3 kg
  • Brandon Figueroa: 125.4 lbs | 56.9 kg vs. Jessie Magdaleno: 128.6 lbs | 58.3 kg
  • Eimantas Stanionis: 146.6 lbs | 66.5 kg vs. Gabriel Maestre: 153.6 lbs | 69.7 kg
  • Jesus Ramos: 154.6 lbs | 70.1 kg vs. Johanna Gonzalez: 153.6 lbs | 69.7 kg
  • Vito Mielnicki Jr.: 153.6 lbs | 69.7 kg vs. Ronald Cruz: 152.2 lbs | 69.0 kg
  • Damian Vazquez: 122.2 lbs | 55.4 kg vs. Alan David Picasso: 123.0 lbs | 55.8 kg
  • William Scull: 167.2 lbs | 75.8 kg vs. Sean Hemphill: 167.4 lbs | 75.9 kg
  • Lawrence King: 181.2 lbs | 82.2 kg vs. Anthony Holloway: 177.4 lbs | 80.5 kg
  • Adrian Torres: 136.6 lbs | 62.0 kg vs. Arsen Poghosyan: 130.6 lbs | 59.2 kg
  • Jabin Chollet: 139.8 lbs | 63.4 kg vs. Julian Bridges: 138.4 lbs | 62.8 kg

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