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Tractor Boys in PL

Ipswich Town and Kieran McKenna have done the impossible. They have become the first club since Southampton 12 years ago to gain back-to-back promotions from League One to the Premier League. “The Bulldozer Boys” are the toast of England's football league and a heartwarming tale of a growing capitalist game.

But, how does a nickname like “Tractor Boys” attach itself to such a Cinderella story? Turns out, that nickname sums up everything great about the town of Ipswich, its people, and the heritage that helped them see this beautiful day.

Here's the story of why Ipswich Town is called the Tractor Boys-

Why is the town of Ipswich called the Tractor Boys?

The nickname Tractor Boys comes from their agricultural background. The town of Ipswich is not glamorous. In fact, it is one of the lowest and most difficult cities in the United Kingdom.

Originally from Suffolk, the most common occupation there historically was related to farming. The nickname at the time, Bulldozer Boys, stuck as a self-deprecating joke among the band's fans.

They take the “insults” and yelling at being called farmers/tractor drivers/tractor boys and accept it to eventually make it their own.

There are many stories about the origin of this nickname. During an away game at Birmingham in the 1998/99 season, Ipswich Town were losing when the home fans started to hold the line by singing “No noise from the tractor boys”.

Their performances in the Premier League at the turn of the century brought more publicity to the nickname. At the time, “1-0 to the Tractor Boys” was a catchy song to sum up their fortunes in the top flight. It's been quiet for a while but the fans who are doing their own thing are almost crying out loud now.

This nickname is so popular that it has broken the tradition of competition again. Their derby with Norwich City, their Suffolk rivals, is often called the “Old Farm Derby”, a parody of the “Old Firm Derby” played between Celtics and Rangers. Also, “Farm” comes from the agricultural history of Suffolk.

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So, there you have it. Get ready to hear the name “Tractor Boys” a lot next season when Kieran McKenna and his amazing men arrive on the big scene armed with their history and heritage to upset a giant or two!

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