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What PING has to say about their new SIX putters to lower your score



PING has added six new putters to their product line with reduced scoring in mind.

The six new putters bring to 16 the total number of putters offered by PING.

They recently announced the new Anser 2, Anser D, B60, Tyne H, Fetch, and Ketsch G models.

“The PING putter line combines modern design advances with proven technology that have helped PING set the standard in putter design for the past 65 years,” said PING CEO and President John K. Solheim.

“In this line, our engineers have taken an individual approach to our most popular models, using a variety of our innovative lowering points such as perimeter weighting and improved center of gravity placement while further distinguishing them with face technology and alignment features.”

PING has given the lowdown on what each of these putters aims to do.

Answer 2

“Like the timeless Anser, the weight of the heel toes provides stability and forgiveness despite the long and narrow profile. Its shallow milled surface ensures a firm response and consistent roll. The ball-width hole, sharp balls and clean geometry all give the alignment cues to this model that shows a fresh burst of green.”

Anser D

“Touring experts were consulted to create this model with a deep (“D”) profile as a cross between Anser blade and mallet design; the extra mass is useful in strengthening the stroke for maximum forgiveness. The shallow milled surface ensures a firm response and consistent rolling. The finish of the shiny new explosion contributes to the attractive appearance.”


“The B60, a long-time PING fan favorite, is back with a shallow milled face that ensures tight response and consistent roll. Golfers are familiar with the thin upper rail with rounded ballasts, contoured moldings and center alignment line in this balanced, forgiving model. Another innovation is the end of the shiny explosion.”

Tyne H

“The dual fork design is paired with the Anser pipe to provide more alignment cues and help square the putter. The shallow milled surface ensures a firm response and consistent rolling. Perimeter measurement and optimized CG positioning allow for balance, stability, forgiveness and accuracy. The ball-width hole and split white alignment line encourage confident shooting.”


“The dual-density PEBAX face insert provides a soft feel on short putts and a stable feel on long putts. Putts are made easier to find using a single cutout that not only works – it creates a lot of flexibility that we use to increase MOI and forgiveness. Download fans recommend a compact profile as easy to target. The alignment lines of the ball width and help to finish the new sparkly explosion in the process.”

Ketsch G

“Its aluminum body and stainless steel sole plate are combined with an advanced CG to create greater forgiveness and stability. PEBAX's dual-density face coating delivers a soft feel on short putts and a stable feel on long putts. The single ball pickup feature is more than just ease of use – it allows weight redistribution to increase MOI. Three different sight lines position the ball for easy alignment.”

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