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Charles Barkley is pretty sure he knows who the NBA's best outside player of all time is

During a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast, Charles Barkley talked about the fact that the NBA is dominated by international players, not American mature talents as was the case in the past with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and many others.

During this interview, the Hall of Famer gave his opinion on who is the best outside player to ever grace an NBA court. The ESPN broadcaster did not hesitate to choose Nikola Jokic as his favorite, but not too far from another great player who led the Mavericks for two decades.

“Dirk, until the Joker, was the greatest outfielder that ever lived,” Chuck said, again praising Nowitzki, who retired five years ago. However, choosing the big man for the Nuggets makes sense, as he is not only an NBA champion, and a two-time MVP, but he also changed the game and became one of the best playmaking centers in the history of the league.

Sharpe's social media posted a video of Barkley he took online. “Charles Barkley Says Nikola Jokić Is Better Than (Dirk Nowitzki) – Do You Agree?” readable, with thousands of comments below.

As the Denver star is currently facing a big three upset in Minnesota and lost 106-99 this past Saturday night, he joked about finding a solution to win this Western Conference playoff series.

“To have my copy, and then I'm new when they move another guy, I'm going to be new,” he said of facing Naz Reid, Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns. “It's a tough game, and they're a very good defensive team.”

However, the player from Serbia is sure that things will be fine on Monday in Game 2. “I think that's why they are good. They can play big, they can play small… they are physically tall, they bounce back well, they are aggressive,” said Nikola. “I am satisfied with the pictures I took, some I remember, others I made.”

Rising NBA star Anthony Edwards recently hailed Jokic as “the best player in the world”

After beating the reigning champions in Game 1 of the conference semifinals, young Anthony Edwards paid tribute to the Nuggets and Nikola Jokic after this hard-fought victory. The striker is well aware that he is competing against “the best player in the world” as his team continues their unbeaten run.

“Playing with the best player in the world is always fun. Playing with the best team in the world is always fun,” he said after the game. “As I said, they are well trained, they discipline themselves, they will not beat themselves.”

The Serbian player also impressed his opponent, dropping 43 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, dishing out 3 assists and producing 2 blocks in his team's 106-99 victory. “Yes, he is a special player,” said Jokic. “I respect him a lot. He can do everything on the floor.”

“You have to enjoy and respect your opponent and how good and talented he is,” added Nikola. “But it was him in the first half, he scored 20 goals in the first half. And so it was [Karl-Anthony Towns]Mike [Conley] great points, Naz Reid had an amazing fourth quarter, and of course Ant had a really good fourth quarter. So they're a really talented team and that's why they've been leading all year.”

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