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DeMar DeRozan's Name Has Been Dropped Amid Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef

DeMar DeRozan's name was dropped by Kendrick Lamar amid his highly publicized rap beef with Drake.

“I'm glad DeRoz's back home, he didn't deserve it anymore,” Lamar sings on “Not Like Us.”

Kendrick is referring to DeRozan leaving the Toronto Raptors, Drake's hometown football club and the team for which he serves as a global ambassador.

When Lamar says “home”, he seems to be referring to DeRozan leaving Canada and returning to the United States.

DeRozan was traded from Toronto to San Antonio in 2018. He then joined the Chicago Bulls in 2021.

DeRozan and Lamar are friends and both are from Compton.

DeRozan has yet to respond to this public comment, but it's a beef he finds himself in the middle of.

On May 3, Drake accused Lamar of being a domestic abuser in his song “Family Matters”. Lamar responded less than an hour later on “Meet the Grahams,” where he accused Drake of being a sex offender and suggested he was hiding a second child.

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