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NHL Rumors: What changes need to happen with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Jay in SC: Frank Corrado and Jay Onrait on TSN SportsCentre about what changes need to happen with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Onrait: “Now that you've had 24 hours to think about it, and you're considering, the season, the series, the game itself, what changes do you feel need to happen from…?

Corrado: “This will be a year where many changes need to happen, Jay. And if you want to go back to the timeline, it was probably full of madness when they lost in Montreal and you didn't make any changes. It was almost crazy last year when they didn't make any changes. But this year, if you don't make changes, it's past the point of insanity.

NHL Rumors: All Options on the Table for the Toronto Maple Leafs

As things need to happen. And that's for management. That's on the bench. This is where the team goes, the core four. This is going to be the year.

And let's be honest, (Auston) Matthews and (William) Nylander aren't going anywhere. They are here and have signed extensions. Matthews is one of the best players in the NHL. William Nylander has been the best playoff player on this team.

Now that leaves you with two guys who could go. One guy is old. One guy is a good player, a very good player, who struggles in the play-offs. Since you can figure out who should be the guy going forward, that gives the team enough of a return package.

And of course there will be foreign moves. I think there should be one internal movement.

And this time there's Auston Matthews on his team and John Tavares who has one year left on his contract. Uncertainty about what his future holds for him and the organization. Like this, the key type needs to go to 34 here. There needs to be a different voice, a different point of view, a different way of doing things, whether it's right or wrong. Nothing worked for this group. They won one playoff series in eight years.

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So what do you have to lose by trying something different? There needs to be external changes. There needs to be internal changes. And it has gone beyond the level of madness now if it is not achieved.”

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