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Victor Wembanyama wins ROY unanimously

Those who have met Wembanyama in and around San Antonio agree that he has a generous and engaging personality, always polite and considerate. It's a factor as important as his height and skills as the Spurs now plan to return to playoff relevance and, ultimately, multiple seasons as championship contenders. “A person is better than a poor product,” Buford emphasized. “I don't say that to disparage low-quality products. But even though he is a player, his connection with his teammates, his commitment to the team and the community, his interest in uplifting those who are poor surpass the greatness he has shown as a player. Also, support from colleagues. “He's the same player and, more than that, as a 19-year-old turns into a 20-year-old.” -via The Athletic / May 6, 2024

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