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What to expect from the Evnroll 38 Tour Spec line



Evnroll's new 38 Tour Spec putter line brings the technology and beauty of their current Neo Classics line to the unequaled long putter market.

Evnroll has combined their established putter technology into a putter design that includes even more useful putting innovations – and the Evnroll 38 Tour Spec line is already making noise.

They set out to create a smooth pendulum swing with this new range.

“38 inches long, with a 17-inch grip and a 370-gram head, the extended shaft and grip offer one size fits all, as well as the opportunity to promote a one-piece pendulum stroke, reducing wrist movement and making sure the face of the putter stays square to the target line throughout the swing,” says Evnroll.

That should lead to more putts being made on the course. You should roll the ball toward the target if the putter face is square to the target line and your target is properly selected.

Evnroll hasn't reinvented the wheel with these designs, but it's something that fans of competitive putters will rightly notice.

“Featuring a finely milled continuous groove configuration, every Evnroll putter transmits consistent power at impact throughout the hitting surface for unmatched distance control, accuracy, and zero scatter,” says Evnroll.

In addition to ensuring consistent roll length from off-target strikes, Evnroll's flexible face groove design also corrects reverse rolling back on target.

The SweetFace™ grooves aim to make it a more accurate putter, and the new Neo Classic polymer/milled aluminum insert adds a great feel to these putters.

The ball is redirected consistently down the target line thanks to the different channels of variable width on the face of the putter. The v-shaped channels also transfer energy, allowing medium and medium hits to travel the same distance.

All hese putters incorporate Evnroll's assistive putter technology and all the beneficial qualities of limited construction.

There are three putter designs in this new line – ER2, ER5 and ER8.

These three designs represent their equivalents in the Neoclassics range in terms of appearance.

Meanwhile, the ER2 has a blade-like look but includes more useful technology.

The ER8 stands out as a potential competitor to the high-end mallet Odyssey Cruiser Jailbird.

For people who prefer fang-shaped putters from other brands or other ER5 models, the 38 Tour Spec ER5 will meet their visual preferences.

The Evnroll 38 Tour Spec range of putters is perfect if you've been thinking about getting a long, aggressive putter but aren't sure it features enough useful new features for putting.

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