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2024 NHL Draft Rankings – NHL Rumors

The 2024 NHL Draft will be held at The Sphere in Las Vegas on Friday, June 28, and Saturday, June 29.

We've put together a collection of 2024 NHL draft rankings from various sources leading up to the NHL draft.

We will review all new NHL draft estimates and remove previous versions if there is a current version and will continue to add other draft publications/sites as we come across them.

Bryan Murphy
Sports News
May 7
Scott Wheeler
May 6
Bob McKenzie
May 6
Central Scouting
NA Skaters
April 16
1 Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini
2 Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov Artyom Levshunov
3 Artyom Levshunov Artyom Levshunov Anton Silayev Cayden Lindstrom
4 Zeev Buium Zeev Buium Artyom Levshunov Zeev Buium
5 Anton Silayev Zayne Parekh Cayden Lindstrom Zayne Parekh
6 Cayden Lindstrom Cole Eiserman Sam Dickinson Trevor Connelly
7 Berkley Catton Sam Dickinson Zayne Parekh Sam Dickinson
8 Sam Dickinson Berkley Catton Zeev Buium Berkley Catton
9 Cole Eiserman Konsta Helenius Konsta Helenius Tij Iginla
10 Zayne Parekh Anton Silayev Tij Iginla Michael Hage
11 Carter Yakemchuk Cayden Lindstrom Berkley Catton Carter Yakemchuk
12 Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Tij Iginla Carter Yakemchuk Cole Eiserman
13 Konsta Helenius Carter Yakemchuk Cole Eiserman Beckett Sennecke
14 Tij Iginla Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Beckett Sennecke Liam Greentree
15 Michael Hage Michael Hage Trevor Connelly Terik Parascak
16 Liam Greentree Beckett Sennecke Sacha Boisvert
17 Beckett Sennecke Trevor Connelly Marek Vanacker
18 Adam Jiricek Emil Hemming Julius Miettinen
19 Trevor Connelly Liam Greentree Ryder Ritchie
20 Igor Chernyshov Terik Parascak Jett Luchanko
21 Aron Kiviharju Adam Jiricek Matvei Gridin
22 Sacha Boisvert Igor Chernyshov Adam Jecho
23 Terik Parascak Aron Kiviharju Dean Letourneau
24 Henry Mews Sacha Boisvert Sam O'Reilly
25 Ryder Ritchie Henry Mews Cole Beaudoin
26 Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Andrew Basha
27 Andrew Basha Maxim Massé John Mustard
28 Jett Luchanko Andrew Basha Kamil Bednarik
29 Cole Beaudoin Ryder Ritchie Spencer Gill
30 EJ Emery Teddy Stiga Maxim Mase
31 EJ Emery Charlie Elick
32 Jett Luchanko Colin Ralph
Central Scouting
Intl. They don't skate
April 16
Tony Ferrari
Hockey News
April 15
Steven Ellis
The Daily Faceoff
April 11
Bowing down
April 11
1 Anton Silayev Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini
2 Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov
3 Konsta Helenius Berkley Catton Artyom Levshunov Berkley Catton
4 Adam Jiricek Cayden Lindstrom Sam Dickinson Cayden Lindstrom
5 Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Zeev Buium Anton Silayev Alphonse Freij
6 Emil Hemming Artyom Levshunov Berkley Catton Adam Jiricek
7 Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Cole Eiserman Zeev Buium
8 Aron Kiviharju Alphonse Freij Zayne Parekh Artyom Levshunov
9 Igor Chernyshov Liam Greentree Cayden Lindstrom Trevor Connelly
10 Linus Eriksson Sam Dickinson Zeev Buium Tij Iginla
11 Leon Muggli Tij Iginla Tij Iginla Michael Brandsegg-Nygard
12 Jesse Pulkkinen Adam Jiricek Konsta Helenius Liam Greentree
13 Alphonse Freij Anton Silayev Carter Yakemchuk Teddy Stiga
14 Dominik Badinka Igor Chernyshov Liam Greentree Sam Dickinson
15 Matvei Shuravin Nikita Artamonov Trevor Connelly Cole Eiserman
16 Lucas Pettersson Cole Eiserman Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Igor Chernyshov
17 Sebastian Soini Zayne Parekh Beckett Sennecke Luke Misa
18 Simon Zether Teddy Stiga Igor Chernyshov Zayne Parekh
19 Nikita Artamonov Konsta Helenius Michael Hage Andrew Basha
20 Stian Solberg Andrew Basha Andrew Basha Anton Silayev
21 Veeti Vaisanen Trevor Connelly Nikita Artamonov Dominik Badinka
22 Egor Surin Luke Misa Adam Jiricek Thomas Galvas
23 Melvin Fernstrom Dominik Badinka Sacha Boisvert Nikita Artamonov
24 Kasper Pikkarinen Daniel Ustinkov Aron Kiviharju Konsta Helenius
25 Herman Traff Carter Yakemchuk Ryder Ritchie Michael Hage
26 Ondrej Kos Linus Eriksson Terik Parascak Linus Eriksson
27 Aatos Koivu Beckett Sennecke Teddy Stiga John Mustard
28 Jack Berglund Emil Hemming Charlie Elick Topias Hynninen
29 Gabriel Eliasson Michael Hage Dean Letourneau Jett Luchanko
30 Alexander Zetterberg John Mustard Emil Hemming Stian Solberg
31 Miroslav Holinka Jett Luchanko Cole Hutson Beckett Sennecke
32 Niilopekka Muhonen Sacha Boisvert Harrison Brunicke Daniel Ustinkov
Rachel Doerrie
March 28
Craig's Button
March 28
Sam Cosentino
March. 13
Corey Pronman
March. 12
1 Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini
2 Ivan Demidov Ivan Demidov Anton Silayev Anton Silayev
3 Artyom Levshunov Zayne Parekh Ivan Demidov Sam Dickinson
4 Cayden Lindstrom Zeev Buium Artyom Levshunov Carter Yakemchuk
5 Zayne Parekh Artyom Levshunov Carter Yakemchuk Artyom Levshunov
6 Anton Silayev Sam Dickinson Sam Dickinson Berkley Catton
7 Berkly Catton Konsta Helenius Berkly Catton Ivan Demidov
8 Cole Eiserman Cole Eiserman Zeev Buium Cayden Lindstrom
9 Sam Dickinson Cayden Lindstrom Zayne Parekh Zayne Parekh
10 Zeev Buium Tij Iginla Cayden Lindstrom Zeev Buium
11 Liam Greentree Carter Yakemchuk Tij Iginla Konsta Helenius
12 Konsta Helenius Anton Silayev Konsta Helenius Adam Jiricek
13 Carter Yakemchuk Liam Greentree Cole Eiserman Cole Eiserman
14 Tij Iginla Adam Jiricek Liam Greentree Igor Chernyshov
15 Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Berkly Catton Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Beckett Sennecke
16 Adam Jiricek Terik Parascak Igor Chernyshov Tij Iginla
17 Igor Chernyshov Julius Miettinen Beckett Sennecke Michael Brandsegg-Nygard
18 Michael Hage Igor Chernyshov Adam Jiricek Liam Greentree
19 Trevor Connelly Emil Hemming Andrew Basha Michael Hage
20 Ryder Ritchie Trevor Connelly Sacha Boisvert Trevor Connelly
21 Nikita Artamonov Jett Luchanko Michael Hage Egor Surin
22 Miguel Marques EJ Emery Trevor Connelly Charlie Elick
23 Emil Hemming Michael Hage Aron Kiviharju Sacha Boisvert
24 Beckett Sennecke Sacha Boisvert Terik Parascak Julius Miettinen
25 Andrew Basha Jakub Fibigr Ryder Ritchie Dominik Badinka
26 Sacha Boisvert Marek Vanacker Jett Luchanko Nikita Artamonov
27 Terik Parascak Andrew Basha Marek Vanacker Cole Beaudoin
28 Aron Kiviharju Maxim Massé Dean Letourneau Aron Kiviharju
29 Charlie Elick Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Adam Jecho Leo Sahlin-Wallenius
30 Maxim Massé Matvei Shuravin Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Adam Kleber
31 Henry Mews Aron Kiviharju Julius Miettinen Ryder Ritchie
32 Tanner Howe Ryder Ritchie EJ Emery Adam Jecho
Mike Morreale
Mar. 1 st
Jason Watch
February 27
McKeen's Hockey
February 16
Chris Peters
February 15
1 Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini Macklin Celebrini
2 Artyom Levshunov Ivan Demidov Sam Dickinson Artyom Levshunov
3 Ivan Demidov Anton Silayev Ivan Demidov Cayden Lindstrom
4 Anton Silayev Artyom Levshunov Anton Silayev Anton Silayev
5 Zeev Buium Sam Dickinson Cayden Lindstrom Ivan Demidov
6 Sam Dickinson Carter Yakemchuk Berkly Catton Sam Dickinson
7 Cayden Lindstrom Berkley Catton Artyom Levshunov Berkly Catton
8 Berkly Catton Zeev Buium Konsta Helenius Cole Eiserman
9 Carter Yakemchuk Cayden Lindstrom Cole Eiserman Konsta Helenius
10 Tij Iginla Zayne Parekh Zayne Parekh Carter Yakemchuk
11 Cole Eiserman Konsta Helenius Carter Yakemchuk Zeev Buium
12 Zayne Parekh Tij Iginla Tij Iginla Zayne Parekh
13 Konsta Helenius Sacha Boisvert Liam Greentree Trevor Connelly
14 Liam Greentree Cole Eiserman Trevor Connelly Michael Brandsegg-Nygard
15 Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Liam Greentree Zeev Buium Adam Jiricek
16 Sacha Boisvert Terik Parascak Michael Brandsegg Nygard Tij Iginla
17 Trevor Connelly Michael Brandsegg-Nygard Adam Ji?í?ek Emil Hemming
18 Adam Jiricek Andrew Basha Jett Luchanko Igor Chernyshov
19 Emil Hemming Cole Hutson Matvei Shuravin Sacha Boisvert
20 Igor Chernyshov Igor Chernyshov Michael Hage Liam Greentree
21 Ryder Ritchie Ryder Ritchie Alphonse Freij Beckett Sennecke
22 Michael Hage Aron Kiviharju Emil Hemming Nikita Artamonov
23 Andrew Basha Adam Jiricek Ryder Ritchie Michael Hage
24 Aron Kiviharju Emil Hemming Sacha Boisvert Aaron Kiviharju
25 Beckett Sennecke Michael Hage Harrison Brunicke EJ Emery
26 Terik Parascak Trevor Connelly Andrew Basha Matvei Gridin
27 Matvei Shuravin Henry Mews Henry Mews Charlie Elick
28 Henry Mews Beckett Sennecke Dom Badinka Cole Hutson
29 Nikita Artamonov Brodie Ziemer Beckett Sennecke Tanner Howe
30 Maxim Mase Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Igor Chernyshov Lucas Pettersson
31 Matvei Gridin Maxim Massé EJ Emery Henry Mews
32 Spencer Gill Cole Beaudoin Leo Sahlin Wallenius Terik Parascak

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