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Introducing Shangri-La's Enhanced Resort: Oklahoma's Premier Resort


Eddy Gibbs purchased the Shangri-La Resort on the shores of Grand Lake, Oklahoma in 2010. He turned a dilapidated resort into Oklahoma's premier resort. He invested more than $100m in renovating and improving the resort with three nine-hole courses, added a short course, and more. Anchor's new recreation center combines the best traditional and modern sports for family and friends.

As an equity partner in the Patriot Golf Club in Owasso, Oklahoma, he already had a reputation for some brilliant golf. Patriot Golf Club shares housing with Folds of Honor. Eddy took his country to Shangri-La by adding:

War Zone

In 2023 he unveiled Battlefield, where golfers battle it out with steep, rugged 18-hole, 3-hole, 3,000-yard courses with dramatic 100-foot elevation changes, water, and playable bunkers. This is where happiness and respectability meet.

Oklahoma Veterans of WWII are commemorated on plaques on each of the 18 tee boxes. In the pro shop, the screen plays to the many veterans delivered by golfers from anywhere, in any role, combined with a hole-in-one highlight on the course. The store is full of merchandise and concessions while the patio offers a view of all the fun courses, watching others battle while revving your cycle.

Tom Clark and Kevin Atkinson designed this fun run that is replayable over and over again. Each round is unique with different flag positions on the rolling greens and five tee box lengths. Also, Felix, the classic cat cartoon character, carrying a bomb, is placed next to each green for the youth or anyone who wants to jump and just snap and put their way to glory. Golf carts are included as well as access to a full practice area with a driving range and beautiful putting green for a great day's play. Battlefield is an absolute blast.

Values ​​9

As one of the nine, Heritage follows wind-swept hills with fairways and elevated greens. There is an even distribution of drag and fade. The par 5 hole is not for the faint of heart. A solid downhill drive is required to land the next shot over the creek and approach the teeing green.

Legends 9

The fun continues in anticipation of the final test at number nine. The challenge is fully realized from the tee box with a choice of two greens, a peninsula on the right, or a long and safe option on the left. It takes moxie to reach the peninsula in two, but the layup assumption can be expensive. This beautiful dungeon is as beautiful as it is deadly.

Champions 9

This route offers high risk, high reward slots. The shores of Grand Lake line numbers 2 and 3 with the calm sound of lapping waves while a majestic bald eagle soars overhead, a living replica of the king statue that greets guests at the Clubhouse entrance. Number nine brings golfers full circle back to that luxurious clubhouse, culminating in waterfalls cascading down the green. Includes Champions 9 content.


Jerrod Neighbors, the Head Golf Pro is truly gracious as he and the team welcome golfers to the courses. Ryan is the new Director of Golf, moving his family from Boca Raton to the country life. You will find that here in the peaceful hills of Oklahoma and the bonus is the accessibility factor of the area.


The Summit Restaurant is where you go when you want to step it up a notch and enjoy great food while watching the sun set over the lake and the eagle statue glisten in the light.

Brenda suggests we try a few wines before making a decision, but truth be told they had us in fine wine glasses. Glasses to match the menu are served in the adjoining Buffalo Bar, a casual space with a patio overlooking the course. Sandwiches, hot dogs, and more are available at The Turn outside the main Clubhouse or Battlefield. There is pub food in the Anchor, and Eddy's beach will be open at prime time. Finally at the lodge, Doc fills out the documents for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Guest rooms in the lakefront area are spacious, clean, and comfortable. Spa treatments are available while the pool area is fun for all ages and the marina offers boat rentals to explore the lakes. March marked the $300k bass masters event.

The fun doesn't end at Shangri-La until you leave and the thank you sign says, “Get Back to Real.”


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