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Kambosos Accepts Underdog Role Before Lomachenko Challenge

George Kambosos Jr. he says he likes being the underdog in his fight with Vasily Lomachenko on Saturday night in Perth, Australia.

Kambosos (21-2, 10 KOs) looks overconfident because this is a fight he can't fight recklessly. Sometimes the doubters are right.

The Odds Don't Look Good

In fact, it is not a good thing for Kambosos that the fans and followers see him as someone who does not care. They feel like he's in over his head, and the reason for that is that he's been looking good lately.

He's under a lot of pressure, he's been struggling recently, he's struggling at home, but he's not in the top spots in the country, like Syndey and Melbourne. Is this the best Kambosos could get from his two losses to Haney?

Would Kambosos have been the talk of the town in those two famous cities if he hadn't been defeated? It's hard not to see it that way.

Perth has undoubtedly taken over from Kambosos where he was leading after his win over Teofimo Lopez, which is why he needs this win on Saturday. I just wonder where Kamboso will end up fighting if he loses on Saturday. Could Alice Springs be next?

There's too much on the line. Kambosos and Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) fight for the vacant IBF lightweight title on ESPN and ESPN+ at the RAC Arena.

The winner of this fight may face one of the champions in the unification. Ideally, that would be Gervonta Davis, but that might be too much to hope for.

Thriving on Doubt

“I like to be on the bottom. I would love to have a big fight in Australia where the whole world is talking and the whole country is talking. I like that humble mindset,” said George Kambosos Jr. on Sean Zittel's YouTube channel.

“That concept has emerged when they say, 'This is the end of Kambosos. This will be an easy fight for Lomachenko.' If they think it will be an easy fight, no problem. We'll see on May 12.”

Kamboso may need to use the same tactics that Devin Haney used on him if he wants to win. Lomachenko is too good for him, and will take him to school unless he ditches the rule book and leads the way.

“Lomachenko, he has extreme skill, boxing feet and boxing brain,” Kambosos said. “It needs more than that. I have my own qualities. I have my speed, my explosive power, but I have a hell of a heart. I have my will and my motivation for anything that happens in the war.”

Kambosos isn't a puncher, so he shouldn't rely on stopping Lomachenko because he's a simple finesse guy.

“I'm ready for anything,” Kambosos said. “I'm happy. I hope he's at his best right now. I hope there's no excuse for his fate, and winning is all that matters to me. Deep down, I'm a true warrior. I came here to fight well.”

So there is. Kambosos will do anything to win, which indicates that he may plan to destroy Lomachenko to increase his chances of getting the W.

A History of Expected Objections

“I have always been a low-key person in my work. This is what I thrive on. I have that idea. I am very focused and I have that fire and desire and desire to win,” Kambosos said.

However, the only instance where Kambosos defied expectations was his victory over Teofimo, but that was a special case because Teo was injured.

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