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Rick Carlisle on guarding Josh Hart in transition: We should guard him like Giannis or Lillard.

Speaking to the media for seven minutes, Haliburton said he would “get better” on 13 separate occasions. Obviously a theme to prepare for Game 2. But Haliburton is dealing with back pain and remains questionable on the injury report for Game 2, as it was entering the series. He plans to play, but the injury may affect him more than he lets on. His anger has subsided as his back, which he has had intermittent problems with since he was in high school, flared up recently. “This time of year everyone is doing something and they are working on it, doing everything they can to keep themselves feeling good,” said Pacers coach Rick Carlisle. “I'm confident he'll play, but it's worrying.” -via ESPN / May 7, 2024

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