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Thomas Tuchel slams officials for “disastrous” decision to disallow Bayern Munich's late goal

Thomas Tuchel has criticized Bayern Munich's decision to disallow Real Madrid's late goal, calling it a “disaster.”

Bayern exited the Champions League at the semi-final stage after losing 2-1 at the Bernabeu.

It means Bayern will end the season without a trophy for the first time since the 2011-2012 season after missing out on the Bundesliga title to Bayer Leverkusen and being kicked out of the German Cup by lower league opponents.

Tuchel is not happy with the officials

It couldn't have been more different for Bayern, and it looked like it would be Germany's Borussia Dortmund final after Alphonso Davies gave Tuchel's side the lead with a fine strike.

However, a rare mistake by Manuel Neuer allowed Joselu to score the equalizer in the 88th minute and the Spaniard rose to the occasion in the 91st minute to slot home Antonio Rudiger.

Bayern thought they had sent the game into extra time when Matthijs de Ligt fired Thomas Muller's goal into the back of the net, but the referee had blown it for offside.

Tuchel and Bayern were furious at the decision not to concede the goal.

Replays suggested it was a tough call, but VAR was unable to intervene as the referee blew the whistle on the play which prevented the move from progressing.

The Bayern players were visibly upset by the decision and after the game Tuchel revealed that the lineman had apologized.

“It was a bad decision from the referee, as well as the referee”, said the German player TNT Sports.

“It's almost like a betrayal in the end, because of that decision.

“But we have to congratulate Real Madrid.

“The lineman said he's sorry, but that doesn't help at that level.

“To raise the flag with a strong decision at the last minute, and the referee should not blow the whistle.

“It's a very bad decision and it's against the rules, it's hard to swallow, but it is.”

De Ligt also confirmed that the driver had apologized and the Dutchman called the decision “a big, big mistake.”

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