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Kambosos Hard Face Tips – Lomachenko Fireworks

George Kambosos Jr. and Vasily Lomachenko had a three-minute confrontation during today's final press conference for their main event, which takes place this Saturday, May 11, at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia.

Senses and Size Differences

Kambosos Jr. (21-2, 10 KOs) was nervously chewing gum a mile a minute when they faced off, and it was clear he was uncomfortable standing in front of the legendary Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs). There was a noticeable size difference between them. Kambosos looked like a bigger group than Lomachneko

During the press conference, Kambosos said the usual things, talking about this “hero” and that “hero”. It doesn't mean anything if he can't raise his game to a level he hasn't shown before during his playing career.

Two-time gold medalist and three-time world champion Lomachenko is on another level than the 30-year-old Kambosos talent-wise.

Although Lomachenko has lost fights against Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez in the last four years, he has fought well enough to win every tournament despite being at least 10-15 lbs lighter than him.

Being so much smaller than the other fighter at lightweight is a huge weight difference, yet Lomachenko fought well enough to score wins in both fights.

Kambosos Sizes Up Lomachenko

“I think he understands that it's a very big fight with a lot of consequences in this fight, and I think he sees the type of guy he has in front of him,” George Kambosos Jr. said. on Fighthype about his fight with Vasily Lomachenko on Saturday night.

“These are two heroes. Therefore, you cannot expect less. Whatever his idea is. My mind is one thing and that is war. My mindset is to win to win.

“It was fun. I love fighting game and I have that warrior mentality. You are a hero and I am a hero. He got two guys to fight for the fans. But don't get it wrong. I am coming to win this war and he has seen that.

“You can think that in theory, but I don't think much about that,” Kambosos said of Lomachenko's work on the line.

“I just put aside my work and my equipment. I have one goal and one goal. That's why I've been so violent in this fight, and I've sacrificed myself like crazy. Hard work and discipline have been the two keys.

“Whatever theory you think, that's on his side. My side is clean. Whatever he brings, I'm ready for it. I had a great camp. I went through hell and came back to this training camp.

“I am ready for anything that the great Lomachenko will bring. We respect the man, but come Sunday, that's out the window. We have a war to win,” said Kambosos.

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