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Successfully Wild Episode 2162: The Kershaw Narrative

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley argue about Pirates shortstop Paul Skenes, Mookie Betts' defense of shortstop Wilson Contreras, the causes of common catcher interference calls, and catching techniques in the world of ABS, full shuffling shortstop, Chase Anderson as a player. Phiten's “endless” necklace, two ways where rookie hopes can be exploited or disrupted, Ippei Mizuhara's guilty plea, Shohei Ohtani's WAR and two-way future, and the biggest change ever. Then (1:16:53) they talk to Athletic the writer Andy McCullough with his new book, The Last of His Kind: Clayton Kershaw and the Burden of Greatness.

Introduction to audio: Grant Brisbee, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Sound interstitial: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio Outro: Cory Brent, “Effectively Wild Theme”

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Link to tweet about Contreras' move
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Link to story on Anderson's Phiten
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Link to the story of the excess zebra
Link to EW for the cost of youth baseball
Link to Athletic in the Perfect Game
Connect to ESPN on draft avoidance
Link to MLBTR at Ippei's request
Link to the combined WAR leaderboard
Link to FG hitter predictions
Link to a picture of Savant's trending players
Connect to the Kershaw pen session
Link to The Last of His Kind
Link to book quote 1
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Link to Sam on Kershaw's mistakes
Link to Ben on Kersh in 2013
Link with Ben on Kersh in 2020
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