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Draymond Green on Celtics struggle at home: Who is the leader to step up and call them

Draymond Green: “Jokic won his third MVP in his fourth season, with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander second. Was it the right decision? Jokic is very good, but the way Shai finished the season, especially in the race for the lead, was very good. It seemed to matter when Jokic got the top titles, but not so much when Shai did. Although I can't say that Shai should have won, I believe that the voting should have been close. Many voters make up their minds early on, which is difficult to change. Shai has been a victim of this bias, but he has been growing and will continue to grow. Congratulations to Jokic—what he's doing to the opposition is incredible and unprecedented. He deserves full respect.” -via YouTube / May 10, 2024

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