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Baby Reindeer: An Interview with John Fury's Forehead

END BEFORE writing the episode where Andy Lee discusses Tyson Fury's new focus, I was distracted by the news that John Fury, Tyson's father, used his head – or. notas it may be – a member of Oleksandr Usyk's team, just because it was Monday.

Then I thought about two things: first, whether Fury's so-called renewed focus would be affected by his father's antics; and two, whether the piece I was writing should have been finished given this recent development, which holds the title.

The answer to the first question I will never know, however the answer to the second question was easy to find. All he had to do was look at John Fury's reaction to headlining the Ukrainian in Saudi Arabia to quickly understand why nothing else really needed to be written or talked about about the fight between Fury and Usyk that day. John Fury, you see, had done it. He had made a day, if not a week, of everything about himself.

Having seen this, fans with cameras in Riyadh surrounded him as if in that forehead of John Fury, from which the blood flowed in such a sad way, all the answers to life could be found. “Friend, friend, friend, what happened?” they all asked one after the other like a gang of geese. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury, leaving his own interview, arguably summed up the situation best when he looked at his father and said: “What's going on in your head, you silly c**t?”

Tyson Fury (Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

However, it was stressed, the answer, like the question, was always the same. Something about nobody being born to his mother getting one over Fury (or a variation on that theme). Yet what the media failed to find, in all their eagerness to cut corners and be first, was a piece of important information; that is, the nickname John Fury once gave to the forehead, or weapon, used by a member of Oleksandr Usyk's team yesterday.

The name, for those who don't know, is this: Baby Reindeer.

That is a true story, however, although it should be clarified that the name of John Fury's forehead has nothing to do with the Netflix series that is currently taking the world by storm and has caused a lot of clout fans to torture and sometimes negotiate with poorly prepared citizens. which certain characters in the show were apparently based on. Instead, John Fury chose to call his forehead Baby Reindeer for no reason other than that he represented a state where he left any man born to his mother – dosas, sausages – once something connected with theirs. In fact, come to think of it, that's probably what this young member of Usyk's gang was trying to explain to you when they invaded his territory and the world watched as the Baby Reindeer effect silenced Ukraine. Or maybe John Fury, in the end, just wants his story to be heard and wants the world to know the man produced by Tyson Fury's testicles has an equally powerful forehead.

If so, you need better questions and you need some diversity, too. Ask him the same questions, you see, and you'll only get the same Sean Dyche growl and the same answers; just as putting a man like John Fury in similar situations will only produce similar results. Then again, where John Fury is concerned, maybe that's the point. Perhaps it is these answers and these results that boxing, struggling under the weight of its absurdity, considers as a last resort or a Hail Mary swing.

Be that as it may, there are people in Saudi Arabia whose plan when they travel was to interview Tyson Fury before his big fight and then spend their Monday reporting on what his father chose to do with his head. Some, dutifully, follow the drama with cameras and phones, often these days an easy way to write a tragedy, while others, real journalists, sit down and speak words dedicated to the incident that they know had no effect on the fight they had. walking but somehow it meant everything in the world they are currently toiling in. Even then, remember, no one asked the right questions; or because of that he learned the name and history of John Fury's now famous forehead.

There is a good chance that if John Fury had sat down on Monday with an expert like Piers Morgan, things would have been different. Unlike those present in Riyadh, Morgan would undoubtedly reach the truth and forever find the motivation of his father behind the world heavyweight champion. He was going to give John Fury a platform to speak on and suggested that it was in his best interests to speak – for him, right now, there was no time to waste. He could promise an online audience of millions, something John Fury has wanted for years, and he would do everything in his power to make him famous; famous, not just famous boxing. All the while John Fury, slowly peeling off the plaster falling from his forehead, will have worked up the courage to say to Morgan, “Thank you, Piers. Now let me tell you the truth about Baby Reindeer.”

John Fury is misfits (Misfits Boxing)

Until now, John Fury has only tried to shout his way into the world of boxing. However, this, he discovered, was not his only strategy and therefore he had to come up with new and better ways to attract attention and make the situation about him. That, by all accounts, is where Baby Reindeer came in; a tool, before Monday, largely forgotten and little used, yet long-time friend John Fury, who is about to turn 60, has been able to call on in times of need.

Critics, of course, will suggest that he has now pulled something from the past in order to gain attention and distract everyone from the larger and more important battle at hand. However, John Fury, not for the first time, will say that he is misunderstood, targeted, victimized. He will call himself a “fighting man” and you are a “political thug”.

His Baby Reindeer, on the other hand, annoyed at being the center of attention, will later seek to defend himself and say that the forehead is not responsible for the decisions made by those who push forward, whether publicly or in front of other people. . They will have recovered, and then consider their options: legal, administrative, funding. They're going to start a podcast. They will fight against Paul. They will be the second strongest forehead behind Zinedine Zidane's and the second strongest part of John Fury's anatomy after his balls. Give it a year, or two, and Baby Reindeer will even agree to appear in the three-part documentary Fury vs. Usyk of Netflix as a talking forehead, then the whole world will finally know their name.

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