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Golf Business News – PerfectPutt2 will be exhibiting at the British Golf Show

PerfectPutt2, the new and most advanced training aid, will be on display to the world at the British Golf Show South which will be held at Wycombe Air Park in Buckinghamshire from May 17-18.

PerfectPutt2 will be launched at's British Golf Show South, and will be exhibited at the British Golf Show North, which will be held at Leeds East Airport from July 5-6.

Simon Hawkins, president of, said: “We are very proud to introduce PerfectPutt2 to golfers in the UK and Europe. The device has caused a stir among golfers in the United States since its inventor, Jacob Paster, began marketing it about a year ago.

“The PerfectPutt2 device fits quickly and easily into the shaft of any putter and will solve the golfer's positioning problems with our unique crosshairs target system. While holding the putter and addressing the ball, one looks down at the box of crosshairs placed down the shaft. Then simply align and adjust the face of the putter and the crosshairs on the target line, which is instantly confirmed. A perfect solution to a common problem. “

Hawkins added: “Unlike mirrors, the PerfectPutt2 is universal, portable and quickly adjustable to suit a variety of settings. In extensive testing by PGA Professionals on our staff, we found that the device eliminates head movement and, with practice, golfers develop better body mechanics and a more consistent stance at address. This translates directly into course and score reduction!”

Visitors to each show will have the opportunity to test the PerfectPutt2 under the guidance of an representative.

PerfectPutt2 is available to buy now from priced at $59.99 (£48). For more information, contact Jacob Paster at [email protected].

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