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In the world of sports betting, it is not uncommon for successful bettors to face restrictions from the bookies. This article examines a very successful strategy, which even led professional bettor Steve Ashwell to place bets.

The method is straightforward, mathematically sound, and applicable to any game. Here, the complete strategy is revealed, along with a detailed account statement showing the bets that led to the ban. You can use this trick to win big money golf betting not at Gamstop without the risk of being banned.

Understanding Strategy

The strategy relies on identifying situations where the odds offered by the bookies are higher than the true odds of the event occurring. Always bet these good ones expected value (EV) chances are, bettors can get a long-term profit. This approach does not require predicting outcomes but instead focuses on the math behind the odds.

Example: Greyhound Racing

One of the main focuses of this strategy is greyhound racing. An example from May 12 shows this method:

  • The event: 11:46 AM race in Harlow
  • Odds on Betfair Exchange: 4.0 (25% true probability)
  • Odds on the bookie: 5.0 (probability of saying 20%)

In this case, the odds offered by the bookie are higher than the actual odds. By placing bets on high odds, the bettor stands to make a profit in the long run.

Key Components of Strategy

  1. Finding Good EV Bets: Look for situations where the bookmaker's odds are higher than the actual odds of the event.
  2. Continuous Betting: Placing this bet regularly increases the chances of long-term success.
  3. Market Timing: The closer to the start of the event, the more accurate the market opportunities, making it easier to find a good one EV betting.

Classification of Account Statement

The following is a summary of the account statement that resulted in the ban:

Explanation Price
Total Deposit £5,000
Complete withdrawal £5,667.57
Gross Profit £667.57
Stake Ratio £5 – £100
Main Focus of Betting Greyhound Racing

The account showed a profit of £ 667.57 with stakes from £ 5 to £ 100. Most of the bets were placed on the greyhound race, which contradicts the myth that this sport is for less serious bettors.

Prohibition and Its Effects

The account was eventually banned, preventing further betting. This limit is from the point on the account that shows “sharp exchange”, which suggests that the bettor was taking advantage of the good odds. Despite many attempts to understand the ban, the bookie's response was limited to “Trader's decision”, meaning they no longer wanted the betting business.

Why Bookies Ban Winning Bets

Bookies often limit or ban winning accounts because they limit their variation and potential losses. They can control their risk and ensure profit by placing stakes or blocking accounts.

Using Strategy in Other Games

Although greyhound racing was the focus of this example, the strategy is flexible and can be used in other sports. Here's how:

Example of Betting on Football

  1. The event: A football game where the bookie gives 3.0 odds to the winning team.
  2. True Possibilities: Betfair Exchange indicates that the true odds should be 2.5.
  3. Action: Bet on the team with the highest odds from the bookie.

By following this method, bettors can get a number of different games, ensuring long-term profits.

The conclusion

This strategy shows that consistent, math-driven betting can bring huge profits, often leading to limits from the bookies. By focusing on good EV bets and understanding market dynamics, bettors can improve their chances of success. However, they should also be aware of account limits as bookmakers aim to protect their interests.

For those interested in exploring this method further, a 52-page account statement is available for review, showing all bets that resulted in a ban. Steve encourages bettors to apply this strategy to all different sports, making sure they take advantage of good opportunities when they arise.


What is the core goal of the betting strategy mentioned?

The main goal of the strategy is to identify and bet on situations where the bookmaker's odds are higher than the true odds of the event happening. This is known as an expected value (EV) bet.

Can this strategy be used in sports other than greyhound racing?

Yes, this strategy can be used in any game. The key is to find situations where the odds offered by the bookie are higher than the actual odds, which can happen in a variety of sports, including football, horse racing, and others.

Why did the bookie close the account?

The bookie banned the account because it always wins using a good EV betting strategy. Bookmakers often limit or ban accounts that risk their profits by constantly exploiting profitable opportunities.

How can I find EVs that are good bets?

A good EV bet can be identified by comparing the odds offered by the bookmaker with the actual odds of the event. Betting forums such as Betfair can be used as a reference for real problems as they reflect the collective opinion of many participants.

What materials are used in this technique?

For the discussed account, the amounts range from £5 to £100. The strategy does not depend on the size of the stake but rather on always betting with good EV odds.

Is it legal to use this betting strategy?

Yes, using a mathematically sound betting strategy is legal. However, bookmakers reserve the right to limit or ban accounts they believe are not profitable to them. It is important to note the terms and conditions of each bookmaker.

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