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How a golf ball sleeve can improve your putting

I've talked before about my love affair with golf training equipment, my garage is full of almost every one ever created (OK, so that slowly exaggeration, but you get the point).

From swing trainers to pitching devices to all kinds of fun gizmos and gadgets, using training aids to improve your game has become as common as pairing peanut butter and jelly. The two just got along.

But here's the funny thing: Sometimes the best training tool is actually the simplest.

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Nick Dimengo

In the video above — from Peter Kostis and Gary McCord on their “Kostis & McCord: Off Their Rockers” podcast, GOLF Production — Kostis shares how a simple golf ball sleeve can help dial in your swing.

“Many people would say that they are confused [the club] in football with their hands,” said Kostis. “They get a little yippy with the right hand and slap it — but that's not really the problem.

“The problem is not that he hits too much with his right hand, the problem is that his left arm is faster than his right arm. So what happens in an exaggerated way is the left arm goes back and the butt of the club is forward, so the right hand tries to hit to get caught. It's not a hitting and a right-handed problem, it's a left-arm fast, right-arm problem that's too slow.”

So Kostis says the solution to this common problem is simple: Use that trusty golf ball sleeve!

“So what we're going to do is take this sleeve of golf balls and put it between my arms,” ​​said Kostis. “Once I get it between my arms, I'll learn to stroke the putt and not drop the sleeve of the golf balls.”

Kostis shows where to stick the ball sleeve between your arms.

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“Now I have my right arm and left arm moving at the same speed, and my hands are still,” he adds. So put the ball sleeve between your arms, don't let it go down, and you'll be able to control the speed better with your arms.”

While that's just one way a golf ball sleeve can help your putting, Kostis also adds another putting tip to try with a smaller box.

“A lot of people I see, when they're pitching, they're moving a lot with their lower body,” explains Kostis. “They're trying to hook the putter with their body, and that's not bueno.”

Kostis then inserts a sleeve of balls between her legs to help soothe their lower half.

By using a sleeve of balls between your legs, you can relax your lower half.

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“Even if you have to reduce your posture a bit, this is a good drill,” he said. “Put a sleeve of golf balls between your knees and learn to putt without letting the box move. If you can hit putts and the box stays still, your lower body stays still – and you'll get a sense of what it's like to have a really stable base.”

So despite all the different training aids available, it might be wise to take Kostis' advice here and just ditch the golf ball sleeve the next time you practice on the green. By doing so, you can improve your basics and, eventually, start to see more success.

You can listen to the entire episode from Kostis & McCord below.

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