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Written by: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk were spotted training on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia ahead of Saturday's heavyweight title fight. Usyk looked very handsome, which was no surprise since the man always presented himself as a high-class person. As for Fury, although he will not eat his stomach again, there was no doubt that on Wednesday the Englishman looked more angry than ever. Could it be that Fury, who often pretends he is not a fan of the fight game, is mentally and physically ready for the fight of his life this weekend against Usyk? Chances are, you are.

“I think he's the best opponent I've ever faced,” Fury said of Usyk DAZN, “because I have fought world heavyweight champions before.” Fury went on to admit that he will be moving into a new location on Saturday night. “I have fought undefeated people before,” he said. “I've fought Olympic gold medalists before, but I've never fought two-weight world champions before.” Fury, it seems, is willing to admit that he faces the biggest challenge of his life in Usyk. And indeed, Usyk is about as high a competitor as Fury will have faced. When you look at Fury's 34-0-1 career, that's saying something.

“Beating Usyk now makes me No. 1 of all time,” Fury said. Bold words, to say the least. Then again, Fury has been known to say all kinds of things. For example, how many times does a man say he is retiring or retiring? However, it is clear that the fighter known as the “King of the Gypsies” knows how important this fight is with this opponent. Usyk defeated Fury's fellow Brit Anthony Joshua, after all, Fury has beaten American Deontay Wilder twice. That means it will be hard to argue that the winner of Saturday's fight won't stay firmly in the heavyweight division.

Despite how he may come across at times, Fury would clearly like to have the words “undisputed heavyweight champion” next to his name. What fighter wouldn't? Indeed, there hasn't been an undisputed title list in the majors since the reign of Lennox Lewis – something that adds even more power to the elusive title of “uncontested.” That's what Fury knows all too well, and that's why he's in his prime ahead of Saturday's fight.

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