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Usyk's Promoter: Fury Created a “Different Man” in Usyk Due to Restructuring

Promoter Alex Krassyuk is blaming Tyson Fury for his incalculable delay in allowing Oleksandr Usyk to be cut into a perfect red diamond, bigger, stronger, and ready to destroy him on Saturday night in their undisputed heavyweight rematch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The extra time Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) of the WBC needed, for whatever reason, perhaps to cut weight, gave Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) the IBF/WBA/WBO champion a chance to strengthen his body . and sharpen his training.

If things don't go well for Fury on Saturday night, he has only himself to blame because if he had just fought Usyk last December, his chances of winning would have been better than they are now.

Some fans believe that Fury would have been better off going into the fight with Usyk looking great rather than postponing the fight to cut weight.

Fury's Delay Caused Usyk's Metamorphosis

“It's Tyson Fury's fault because he rescheduled the fight three times, then he gave Oleksandr Usyk the chance to be that big, that strong, and train that way,” said promoter Alex Krassyuk on DAZN Boxing. during today's open workout for his fight with Tyson Fury on Saturday.

Usyk doesn't look like a cruiserweight anymore like he did in his previous fights at heavyweight, and now he looks like a mini-Mike Tyson. As I watched Usyk's open workout today, he throws with more power.

“Now, he is a different man. He is no longer a cruiserweight or an ateur. This boy is hard,. Look at what you're doing. That's why when I talk about this coming war, I'm talking about finishing it far away. He is very strong now,” Krassyuk continued about Usyk.

Usyk's Scientific Method of Training

“His camp is full of scientists. Everyone you see around him is a scientist in his field. Every aspect of his training camp is under control. “The boxer gets his victory in the training camp, and this man has won three in a row,” said Krassyuk.

“He played 500 rounds of just one fight. That is why he cannot be challenged. Oleksandr Usyk's muscles are bigger, but his weight is more or less the same.”

It sounds like Usyk has worked hard in three training camps for this fight. These three come in one battle. It will be great when this is over.

Fury's Weight Loss: A Questionable Strategy?

“Until Tyson. If there's no science behind him, it's probably not the best work he's done. I mean, to lose weight quickly and that way. Now we see that syk doesn't call her a greedy stomach. He calls her Skinny Belly,” said Krassyuk.

It looks like he has lost a lot of weight because you can see that he has lost muscle due to his training, and that is not good. He has lost not only fat, but much-needed muscle and that could haunt him on Saturday night.

“It's a human being [Usyk] you become twice as much, on the same level as better than what we consider the best of the best. He can be a hero in the underwear business. That's what Usyk said,” Krassyuk said about Fury.

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