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Caitlin Clark Responds To Claims She's Only Famous Because She's White

Las Vegas Aces star A'ja Wilson recently made some inaccurate claims about Caitlin Clark and following her WNBA debut, Clark responded.

Wilson didn't hold back when talking about race in the WNBA, as she said Clark is popular because she's white.

“I think it's a big deal,” the 2023 WNBA Finals MVP said.

“I think many people might say that it is not about black and white, but for me it is. Of course it's because you can be at the top of who you are as a black woman, but still maybe that's something people don't want to see.”

Wilson continued, “They don't see it as a marketable thing, it doesn't matter how hard I work. No matter what we all do as black women, we will still be swept under the rug. That's why it boils my blood when people say that there is no mention of race because it is.”

Ironically, Nike offered Wilson a signed shoe deal not long after he made those comments.

On Tuesday night after making her WNBA debut against the Indiana Fever, Clark was asked about Wilson's comments.

“I think there are opportunities for every single player in women's basketball. “I think that if there are more opportunities that we can provide to everyone, that's what will increase women's basketball,” said Clark.

“It doesn't have to be one or two players, and I think that even goes back to college. I think we can … equality in women's basketball is what makes a lot of people want to come and watch it. I think if you spread more love, you show people, you show their skills, you show their teams, that will continue to lift it up. So, I think that's a very big thing. “

The Fever guard had a mixed night in her WNBA debut, after going 4-11 from three and breaking the record for most wins (ten) in a WNBA debut.

He finished with 20 points, three assists and two steals.

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