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Paul Pierce Mocks Lakers and JJ Redick

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce doesn't think JJ Redick is ready to be an NBA head coach. He made that clear during a recent appearance on Undisputed, when he mocked the Lakers' interest in Redick.

“If you want to hire Redick because what he says on the podcast sounds good, go ahead,” he said. “He feels he's drawing plays, it feels like the right thing to do, like he has a good IQ.”

Pierce even compared pursuing Redick to chasing an Instagram model.

“It's like the IG model,” he said. “It looks good, you look at the pictures, but when you see it in person, it's not what you think.”

While Pierce chose an unusual way to make his point, there may be other (and legitimate) arguments that Redick may not be ready yet.

His biggest concern with Redick's hiring is that he has no NBA coaching experience.

Even some of the best basketball minds in the world often work as an assistant coach for many years.

But if the Lakers give Redick their head coaching job, all power to him. Most of the players in the league will wish him well. Don't be so afraid of Paul Pierce.

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