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Golf Business News – Women's Golf Day '24 set for digital launch

Women's Golf Day 2024 will kick off on May 28 with the annual WGD Palooza, a digital day that calls for golfers to 'Get Social – On and Off the Course'.

Bringing people together through golf is central to the ethos of the WGD, which is why this digital day was established back in 2020 to provide information, entertainment, and celebrations of all things golf from around the world.

In 2023 the WGD social media performance delivered includes 397,143 engagements, 92,179,471 impressions and 194,920,049 impressions which is one of the reasons why this year the WGD Palooza will be broadcast on @womensgolfday social media channels.

The content will be fun and exciting videos alike and giveaways from WGD Partners and WGD itself and increasing reach and accessibility will be permanent on WGD YouTube and all social channels. For more information visit

Along with inviting the global golf community to get Social at WGD Palooza, WGD also encourages women to get Social at events around the world. When women are empowered to get involved in golf the results are great, for example in Japan where more than 100 courses and 8 driving classes have signed up to hold events in 2024.

“We have been working with the Japan Golf Association (JGA) and our Ambassador Mitsuru since 2022,” explained Women's Golf Day founder Elisa Gaudet. “I was fortunate enough to visit Tokyo and Kyoto in November and spend time with the JGA, some of the academics, industry leaders and MCO Accordia and it was very encouraging to see firsthand the increased interest in the industry and Japanese women. This market is one where we focus our energies and we really want to help them increase the participation of women.”

The proven formula of WGD events allows participation regardless of your ability. “Golf players are encouraged to bring a friend to the WGD event,” continued Gaudet. “Because the WGD format includes beginners and current golfers and has a community element, everyone has fun. And that's what matters. It can be difficult to learn golf, but if people do it in a friendly, inclusive environment where they can see that playing golf means being part of a wonderful community, people will come back.”

For more information on events throughout the week follow @womensgolfday and if you are still looking for a venue to celebrate WGD 2024 visit

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